Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Only Love is several kinds of brilliant. Thanks for flagging up the tour news.


My copy of Magus by Thou finally turned up yesterday and had a first listen last night. Sounded phenomenal. What a band.


bloody hell that’s a blast from the past, Played with them in the Barfly in brum. They were ridiculously party. Never really got into them on record though.


yeah I saw them live last year in Canada, it was insane


fuck it, putting it here too:


what band were you in?


The Hubble Constant - never did much outside of Brum




Just booked for Yellow Eyes @ The Black Heart


I have one Yellow Eyes album which didn’t grab me particularly, Terra should be good though, massive slabs of claustrophobic blackened walls of noise not dissimilar to Fell Voices or Ash Borer;


Who interestingly are also playing at the Black Heart a week after YE


I’m enjoying the new Sumac today - the Pitchfork review definitely made it sound like something I’d like:


Nice, thanks for the heads up! Immersion Trench Reverie was one of my AOTY’s last year


oh fuck!


New release from Leeds’ own psychedelic victorian black metallers A Forest of Stars


bought a ticket for Enslaved cause High on Fire are supporting

are Enslaved much good. they dont seem it


Didn’t realise Vennart’s band was basically Oceansize with a new drummer.


If you’re into the Viking vibe you’ll like them.


this is as good a place as any to say I have two spare tickets for Deafheaven tonight in Bristol if anyone is thinking about going. £30 for the pair? (face value more like £40)