Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Sorcier Des Glaces, epic one track album of atmospheric black metal from from Quebec


She’s doing some shows in Germany with Amenra next year so fingers crossed that she’ll play the UK, preferably headlining.


Crowbar and Inter Arma tonight which should be good. Hope Inter Arma get a decent set length.

Be funny seeing Crowbar in a New Orleans themed bar in digbeth mind!

Elder last night were cracking as usual, although the sound wasn’t great.

High on FIre/Enslaved next week also. Can’t wait to see HOF again and Enlsaved are a band i always wanted to see but never have so quids in.,

A rockin’ october


Came across these this week. A mix of post rock / shoegaze and metal.
It’s pretty great.


High On Fire album out today then.

Newest single “Spewn From The Earth”:

Let’s fucking have it.


Stumbled upon this lot accidently, will appeal to many on here. Tounge Party - Looking For a Painful Death. This just about sums it up: “Sonically, they merge filthy, fuzzed out and slashing riffs with a nimble, yet mauling bass attack, and drums that beat out an almost robot like rhythm, that’s pretty close to kraut rock, if kraut rock went on full on thrashing, shit fits from time to time”



Surprisingly good list for MH. But no Dissection?


No Therapy? either. Or Kerbdog. Shit list.

No shitlist either.


Yep that’s right up my street. Good call


Locals (inc. yer man out of Healing Powers) doing some incredibly huge riffs.


heard this on a skate video

its not from this year but im well into it

think i heard this on a skate video too, while we’re here. noice drum pattern.



@Caedus wher you watching Enslaved?


Vinyl incoming


At The Mill in Birmingham. Not been to the venue before.

New High on Fire is sounding ace. Latest enslaved is growing on me


'68 are touring next year…supporting POD and Alien Ant Farm, which is bizarre


I tracked down the new album yesterday, it certainly has a post-hardcore feel to me so far. Such as this track


I think it’s an overall more consistent record than , Dies but not as immediate.


Think this might be my favourite song of 2018 guys