Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


YOB absolutely killed it tonight in Manchester. So so good


Hopesfall takes me back - saw them many years ago in the early 00s and bought a t-shirt which ended up a firm favourite. I don’t remember too much about their music, but they have either chilled out or got a new singer, as I am sure they were a lot screamier.


it’s the same dude but they basically got a lot less heavy after The Satellite Years - then they broke up for a while and came back again with this sound recently. there’s the odd heavy moment but i think they’ve really nailed the melodic sound now.


I think the original frontman left after The Satellite Years, and the chap who replaced him wasn’t as much of a screamer. Doesn’t bother me at all on the new album - like you say, the melodic aspect is the strongest quality now.


think it’s definitely Jay on Satellite Years - maybe there was someone else before that album?


Yep Doug was yer wan before Jay, they were basically an entirely different band following the release of the Magnetic North.


New Haiduk


Daughters are doing a UK tour next year


nearly £20 to se them at the lexington… hmm… they are great live…


£20?! christ that’s optimistic, I will still go cause I#ve never seen them before, but they were never that big


think it was £4 last time they played in brum. £20 is steeeeeeeeeeep! the new song sounded outstanding though


[melodic blackened death metal]

New Albu\m/ – Exomancer


Tickets on sale Friday, £25


oh my


Mastodon on tour in January with Kvlertak, Mutoid Man and Scott Kelly.

Shame it’s Bristol Academy but whatever…

14 Belfast, Ireland - Ulster Hall*
15 Dublin, Ireland - Olympia*
17 Southampton, England - Guildhall*
18 Newcastle, England - O2 Academy*
19 Glasgow, Scotland - Academy*
21 Leeds, England - O2 Academy*
22 Birmingham, England - O2 Academy*
24 Norwich, England - UEA*
25 London, England - O2 Academy Brixton*
26 Bristol, England - O2 Academy*


Fuck fuck fuck!


Oh my the 12 minute build up before the last 3 mins…

Love this band


Download announcement

Tool, Def Leppard and Slipknot headlining

Me First and Gimme Gimmes playing!


Christ, are we going to have a reappraisal of Def Leppard now?


Def Leppard play every couple of years at Download. No one’s gonna reappraise them who haven’t already. Still one of the best pop bands ever.