Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


tried to listen to the recent summoning (with doom we come) and discovered that two things I like - BM and Tolkien - are too much together! my limits of tolerance have been reached. Disappointed, to be honest


How about Tolkien influenced screamo!? These were great:


Just got round to listening to the first Dawnwalker album.
It feels a bit more indie but is still great. Reminds me of the God Machine in places.


:smiley: glad someone’s listening to this one. technically it’s my second album and i’m preparing to re-release the first one under the dawnwalker name soon!

never heard of em, will check!


The God Machine… There’s a great reimnder of music I should revisit after far, far too long. Thanks!


Still my favourite album, even after all these years


looking forward to this swarrrm record. proper silly & joyous experimental screamo from japan.


The new Harm’s Way record isn’t as bad as I thought it would be? Strange world.


new American Nightmare out today

playing the Underworld in April as well


Despite posting about them up-thread I completely forgot to order this. Have done so now. Want to save it though (World Is Blue and Flowers Under Siege are both great, if a bit brief).

Love AN and Wes. :heart:


blimey didn’t even know this was a thing


Great album. Caught them live on that tour and they were a mighty proposition :+1:


Dead Cross touring Europe this summer…

Hoping for something other than Download in The UK as not sure I can justify a mid-week trip to Amsterdam or Berlin :scream:


yeah be a bit disappointing if this is all they do! any word on the supports?


Not on any of their official channels currently as far as I can see…


got tickets for ETID at the Garage in May. will be the first time I’ve seen them in 10 years. just felt it was probably worth a punt as a couple of similarly old & out of touch mates were up for it. better give those recent albums another listen eh…


new Rolo Tomassi is actually decent, against all odds. Quite like Between the Buried and Me/Dillinger Escape Plan when those bands were good


The last RT album was brilliant. Really looking forward to this one.


new Turnstile record is out tomorrow, it’s pretty good though not worth all the hype, enjoy this track the bassist sings though:


Strong Weedeater Tour in early May