Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Just gotta say that the Drug Church album is a STRONG contender for AOTY.
Some of the songs are jaw droppingly good.


it’s an absolute peach eh


Yeah. The 2 ‘Unlicensed’ songs are incredible. And then Tillary is even better!


I think Conflict Minded is my fav, I love the bit when Carina Zachary shows up


Agree. Her voice takes the song up another notch.


never heard of Drug Church before today. This album is great!

Might go and see them when they’re over here early 2019


Big fan of this 'un

Closet Witch - S/T

Extreme powerviolence from Iowa


Yeah, they are great.
Going to see them in Glasgow in Feb.


anyone in here who hasn’t been in the music podcasts thread (understandable), i can heartily recommend Radical Research for all the heavy music fans in here. I’d never even heard of a lot of the bands they talk about - still would never listen to most of them - but they way they go through discographies in real detail (especially when its bands like Die Kreuzen and Beyond Dawn who changed loads over their careers) is really, really interesting.

I’ve done 8 episodes in a week!

(s/o @allmediareviews for the tip)


sure thing badmanreturns.

I’ve heard Jeff Wagner on various podcasts and interviews for a number of years, including his appearance on “Metal Evolution” (the Progressive Metal episode).

He’s great at speaking about music and Metal especially, as he’s articulate and has a very deep vocabulary, which I find the other host Hunter Ginn may be just as good if not better about speaking about Metal.

It also helps Jeff Wagner used to be the editor at Metal Maniacs in the 90’s.


Just got round to checking out the Holy Fawn album, it’s really good. Reminds me a bit of the Aerogramme and Isis collaboration



anyone still out there listening to metalcore this real good.


Download is looking okay


Def Leppard suggests it’s slightly worse than OK.


Convergey type hardcore stuff from members of Black Sheep Wall and Columbian Necktie. Riff riff riff.


Slam Dunk looks surprisingly good


god this new portrayl of guilt lp is an absolute beast. Properly takes me back. Quality screamo. will be slipping nicely in near the top of my albums of the year for sure.


It does actually! The new stuff added makes me think “i would probably go to that…!”

Still quite a bit of bumhat, but that’s easily avoided.


Got turned on to these guys the other day. Bloody great.