Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Quite mad to see Glassjaw, Saves the Day and Get Up Kids all on there. Will definitely be off


Yeah, and Turnstile as well!


Enjoying this. Been listening to nothing but ambient noise and glacial doom of late so it’s a perfect quick blast to powerwash the cobwebs away.


hell Simple PLan may be fun!


i would much rather watch Simple Plan than the majority of the other shite on that lineup (I count 4 actually good bands)


I probably will go Simple Plan

went to it this year and Good Charlotte headlined. they were great fun


Haha yeah, I said it was Convergey but I shoulda added that it’s not really got any of their range, or any of those surprising diversions they go on - just out-and-out no frills riffage!


no idea if this is serious?


probably is, strike me as quite humourless


Who knows, the guy that runs Holy Roar is an awful human being for reasons I can’t say on a public forum.


It’s probably better if you do say it so people are aware of it?


People knew this was happening. I knew this was happening. Seems a strong reaction to have when you know it’s happening


Bought a ticket for these 3 and NoFX and Mad Caddies, plus the added nostalgia of a festival at Temple Newsam. This year was great (the weather helped) but the city centre setting was a pain in the arse to get around, it had definitely outgrown itself.


The city centre was fine but for some reason last year they only had one entrance which was so stupid


Caught up with the Skeletonwitch album that came out in July. It’s a pretty epic listen.


Enjoying the Vouna record. Female fronted Greek doom band. Awesomely lo-fi. Guitars are tinny like early 90’s Scandinavian black metal and strings are massively digitized. Not sure if that’s deliberate or not but it comes together really well.


slam dunk is looking very interesting


Only got into this in the past week or so, but I love it. Dirty riffs all over the place:


Do you pay for the tickets or the time machine?


Definitely going to this now. Sold on Lagwagon, brilliant band.