Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


maybe the worst band of all time?


Wouldn’t go that far but certainly the most undeservedly hyped :joy:




Clocked out on them/the genre years ago!


they sound like all the shittest bits of billy talent, RHCP, RATM and all those shit late-2000s try-hard punk bands like Four Years Strong or whatever all mashed together. completely unlistenable, and yet @DJRoomba used to listen to them in the flat all the time ffs.


The song I posted and much of the new album is an actual hardcore punk record with less of that nu-Metal shit but I’m not gonna lie I don’t care enough to convince you any further than that


presumed this was a response to the rolo tomassi post


The new album is much, much better than the first one. Honestly.


shame I’ll never know


Ah get you


Well I did tour with them like ten years ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wanky beer this weekend or next p.s?


Anyone still listening to Ministry (I am)? They’re touring The UK this summer…


Chelsea Wolfe supporting


That’s probably a done deal for me in that case :+1:





Turnstile are probably fun live (probably loads of dicks in the audience) but I absolutely can’t stand the vocal style.


that’s why I much prefer the song I posted with the bassist singing instead, he’s actually got quite a strong voice


I like this and Turnstile are good, so there.

Also, I’ve now heard the new American Nightmare and it’s stonking great.


Just came across this monster of a track.
U.S tech death with a very unexpected sax solo. Brilliant stuff.