Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


ffo: fast angry Euro hardcore. really regret not seeing them at Fluff a couple of years back, will probably play again though


I gave a like based on that assumption!


Oof, this is a bit good.



Listening to this now. There’s something very off about the attempts at atmospheric bits, they just come across like bad synth pop. The heavy bits, like in Balancing the Dark, are quite good.


'68 and The Bronx are supporting Stone Sour in the US which I find amusing


Haven’t had a chance to listen yet… read the article, posted it… then got distracted at work


I quite enjoyed the blend of poppier-synth stuff but then as I said earlier this is the first RT record I’ve bothered with in a decade so dunno what I’ve missed


check out the last one, it’s their best for me Clive


maybe, probably not.


ah which ones do I prefer?


Huh? I was referring to my actually listening to it


oh i thought you were replying to me saying it’s the best one for me ha


that would be very presumptuous/rude but I guess not past me



They did a split with Healing Powers who IMHO are one of the UK’s absolute best right now


agreed although what are Healing Powers up to at the moment?


Not sure. They put out a live album late last year (on their bandcamp) so are active, but appear to take their sweet time in doing stuff. I’m fingers crossed for a full length and tour. Think someone on these boards knows the band who might see this (hi!) and elaborate


well I’ve toured with them before and know them, I’m just not in the country so can’t always keep up to date! @sarahispi I believe also has a connection?


@marsbarbarbar they’ve said they aren’t officially over but it’s unlikely they’re going to be super active or write in the future. the guitarist in a few other bands that are worth checking out.

(PB are all the members of Healing Powers, but bassist and guitarist have swapped over and the drummer from Cavalcades doing vox)