Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Ah that’s a bummer- hoped for a full length release. Thanks for the other links though, will check out


I’m really not a fan of intros. Would much prefer if the first track was condensed into being a minute long and added to the start of Aftermath.

Not sure about Aftermath being so early either, but after that I’m quite happy with the rest of the album!


Aye do they want to be blown off the stage every night by both support bands or what!?


when I last saw Kerrang there was a Stone Sour song on - it’s really hard to imagine a blander band





Also in recent news.



I found their statement a bit odd. It seemed to sum up to “Believe survivors except this one”


Legit thought you were talking about a beer at first


Pretty good year for heavy music so far. The new Agrimonia record is an excellent blend of I guess atmospheric stuff like Isis, crust punk and early Opeth/Katatonia

This has got to be one of the best arty/chaotic extreme metal albums since Deathspell Omega’s Paracletus for me. It flows as a singular piece, but at a tight 35 or so minutes.

Loving the Turnstile album. I Don’t Wanna Be Blind is catchy as hell.


Just remembered that this band exist. They’re playing the UK soon and you should try and catch them if you get a chance (take earplugs)


Managed a few spins of this now. Its not as instant and aggressive as Grievances (shame) but cant fault it at all really. I do agree that the heavy moments are the highlights but would add that the clear vocals and ‘come down’ sections give those brutal ones added impact


Rolo Tomassi last week and Conjurer this week. Holy Roar triumphs again…


I’ve never heard of this before, this is some brutal stuff. I like it a lot.


This reminds me of Neurosis without the post rock bits.
Just crushing riffing.


Cool. Brutally brilliant indeed.

Saw them support Rolo Tomassi last November. Fantastic combo. Lots more to explore on Holy Roar.


Raging Speedhorn have wangled Crowbar to support them


Full of Hell are touring in August, can’t find details of the full tour online but just bought a ticket for the Newcastle date


That seems like some logical fallacy you’d find in an ancient philosopher’s screed. Just messes with my brain. Gah!


We’ve come to an uneasy agreement in my office that we’ll listen to Planet Rock on the radio (6 music sends the older folk into a blind rage and Magic makes the rest catatonic) and jesus they play some absolute shite amongst the Floyd and Priest… they all seem to be named after varieties of artisan soap, Stone Broken, Stone Sour, Blackberry Smoke, Black Stone Cherry, they all sound like Creed, Staind and Nickelback formed a supergroup which I suppose is quite feasible. The DJs are horrendous too. I’m thinking I might just cave in and spend the day listening to Magic after all.


New Sojourner album out today, listening now.