Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


The new Drudkh album is out today, not heard it yet but I’ve enjoyed the two lead tracks;


Quite good hardcore punk


Yeah, Astraea is as good as I remember. Not a sinlge weak track on it


That Conjurer album is a face melter


Had such a similar experience. Empiresk and Howl were the first tracks I heard and remember being so blown away by both. And then came the whole album. But then came Grievances.

Incidentally, the BBC Sessions versions of Howl and Empiresk are awesome. But I’m guessing you know that already.


Missed this somehow. Can imagine these 2 setting a record for the least amount of songs played at a gig!


I saw earlier on that I got it wrong - they’re just about to start the UK leg of the tour. But yeah you’d need a free weekend really!


This band seemed a little familiar and it’s just dawned on me that I saw them with Mare last year! I remember checking out their ep afterwards and thinking it was alright but kinda forgot about them. So this has me piqued!


Really in to this!


I liked the ep, but the album is so much more impressive. It’s had plenty of glowing reviews and they seem to be spot on. Enjoy!


Is anyone else getting the same glitch as me… no matter what thread I open brings me right to the bottom and when I select a comment to read/reply to it does the same… ?




Annoying as fuck


Haha, it really is! Not sure if it’s been brought up elsewhere?


I haven’t listened to the BBC sesh actually. Maybe need to if it’d as good as you say





Do it!


This is great too.


Hadn’t heard of them until yesterday. Just finished my first listen. Holy shit it’s good! Looking forward to repeated listens.


Conjurer vinyl turned up today! :heart_eyes: