Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


Time will die and love will bury it :rofl:


giving it a go because a good mate at work is a big fan still - 2 songs in and i think Spotify have uploaded an album by a different band by accident?


oh no the average heavy music has turned up now


Wait for it…


ffo: blast beats


Really enjoying the new Drudkh album!


Mates, the Turnstile album is SICK. What a banger.


Protest The Hero and Norma Jean are doing a joint tour playing Fortress and Redeemer in full. could be quite fun


I’m quite enjoying Greyhaven’s new album. Reminds me a bit of ETID and some of the softer DEP moments.



theres a team called Bludgeon Brothers? :smiley:


They’re basically everything I think of when I think of “heavy music” couple of big beardy blokes called the Bludgeon Brothers who carry big hammers everywhere with them.


Got any slugdge m8? SNAIL METAL! :snail: :metal:


Quite enjoyed it tbh, I’ve been a fan of the band for yonks but genuinely think Grievances was probably one of the best things they’ve done and this feels like a slightly more expansive version of that.


Just remembered about the AN album yesterday. Have had it repeat pretty much – just wish it was a bit longer!


I read a review of it last night in Q Magazine. Listened to a couple of tracks and they were both brilliant!


Lads there a new Will Haven album out this week, anyone care about them still?


I like Will Haven but there’s not a huge amount to them

Carpe Diem is such a banger


New album from Split Cranium on its way on Ipecac. Band features Aaron Turner (Isis & Sumac etc…) Jussi & Tomi from Circle, Nate from Converge, and Faith Coloccia from Mammifer. Really like the first album, looking forward to this.


pretty much. The new album starts off pretty good but it gets quite repetitive quite quickly. It’s weird, it’s like if you boiled Deftones down to a generic song and repeated it over and over and occasionally get their guitarist to come in and do it for you