Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019

May as well start this then.

I missed Bong-Ra when it came out but fucking hell this is some immense Doom. Even the jazz sax in it hasn’t put me off. :open_mouth:

Then there’s Dirge who play Jesu-esque (kinda) post metal.

It’s going to be a punishing start of the year to the eardrums :metal:


When I met yer man from Yellow Eyes at their gig at the Black Heart a few months ago he confirmed there’s a new record on the way in 2019, as well as from his side project Ustalost.

Also excited to a new record from Sacred Son and Sorgelig [old school BM]

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Bong-ra! Finally a band doing, ‘doom jazz’ literally.

Dirge sound up my alley as well. Will investigate.

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New Venom Prison this year, which I’m very excited for.

Doomy Jazz? I think I’d like a bit of that!

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This Dirge record is amazing

(meant to be a reply to @UncleRetrospective’s first post)


got loads up soon

Daughters, Trail of Dead, Drug Church, The Armed, Fucked Up, Cave In/Old Man Gloom

something else I’m sure I’m missing

Originally released last year, but being issued on vinyl by Holy Roar in March. Post-metal/rock with dreamy shoegaze moments and a mix of vocals, the cleaner of which reminds me of Mew.


…Which @Kovacs77 already flagged back in November last year. I’ll be quiet now.

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Planning to do Drug Church as well. You going to the Manchester one? Part Chimp the night before in Wigan which is good for me (weird choice for them)

Not sure if it quite fits the bill in this thread, but another Holy Roar cracker for 2019. The first two tracks off her EP are hauntingly stunning and build so impressively.

First 2019 release I’ve heard, the new full length by Veldes.

New Krallice ep. Solid as always!

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First track released from the new Saor album due in Feb


Apologies for shameless self promotion, but some of you might like my bands new release -

Bought a ticket for The Armed, cant go now.

Manchester, anyone want it?


A couple of good new albums (well, 1 album & 1 ep) that I’ve listened to this morning courtesy of the Black Metal Promotion Youtube channel.

Ferndal “Singularitäten” - Atmospheric/Melodic black metal from Germany

Cabra “We Are Infinitus EP” - Melodic black metal from Cleveand, Ohio with jackhammer speed blast beats and some great riffs!

The Bronx will destroy that stage. Need to get a ticket.

Yes you do!