Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019


Sad but true.


Awesome black metal band from France. Loving the artwork too


I find it quite irritating when bands use Bandcamp but only put up one song from an album even after it’s released. I found the whole thing on youtube though.

You’re right that artwork is excellent, you should post it in the “Best artwork” thread! The album/EP’s ok, I’m not mad on his vocal style tbh but it has some goos riffs. For French BM this year I prefer the Véhémence album I linked further up the thread,


You’re for sure not the only one who has an issue with the vocals. I don’t mind 'em. Most BM vocals are a bit silly to me. What I do like though is the rawness, and occasional choral parts and synthy bits.

Cheers for the re-heads up re Véhémence, think i missed that one on the first posting - sounds great. Definitely the Frenchest metal I’ve heard!


AAL and Intervals dream team back together again


Couple of not too shabby crossover thrash records from 2019 for any thrashers out there

Critical Defiance - Misconception

Judgement - Iron Rule


This album is VERY good. You should listen to it. French noise-rock, bit Pissed Jeans/Whores/Torche.


The second album by Belgium’s atmospheric black metallers Drawn Into Descent has been released a couple of days early. I loved their 2015 self titled debut, and on first listen this sounds really good.


Really into this, I’ve been on a couple of long train journeys this week and this has been the perfect soundtrack to rolling at 5mph through the outskirts of Birmingham forever. Love the last third of Katyusha when the glitchy electronic noises start poking through the riff.

New Baroness track, as underwhelming as everything they’ve done since Blue and they’ve still not sorted out that crappy production. Shame



This new MMWB album is awesome. Particularly loving Fata Morgana right now. Just got round to checking it out properly. Thanks!

Will see if it works well for slow moving trains into London.


Realised it’s the new MWWB album and not Y Proffyd Dwyll that I’ve been listening to. Same difference, both fantastic albums. Love the contrast between the heavy sludge of the riffs and the delicate vocal, like that Cult of Luna / Julie Christmas album but more doomy.


Yep, that’s the same for me. Clearly read half of the recommendation from @maggieloveshopey and managed to ignore the album name. Dived straight into the new album and am really enjoying it.


And now Rolo Tomassi (and Black Peaks) have been announced has support, I’ve finally stopped resisting buying a Gojira ticket. Day before Converge too.

Particularly loving this vid at the mo…


Chelsea Wolfe and Chino from the Deftones.

I like.


Enjoying these psychedelic stoner doom guys


Not seen these mentioned elsewhere (maybe because they are industrial/noise???) but having seen them live recently and rinsing their 2018 EP they deserve a wider audience - Igor Cavalera is on fire here


this can mean only one thing. the lads from sepultura have watched father ted.


new VAURA up for preorder at profound lore

SUMAC london date tomorrow! \o/ anyone been on the tour so far? @keith



They played the whole of the new album and it was dead good. The bass on the last song sounded awesome.

It started really early so I missed the first support but I didn’t really enjoy the second one.


I saw Sumac in Manchester last night. Was excellent. They played 3 tracks off the new one - unfortunately there were technical problems with Aaron Turners gear so they had to skip the last track but even that considering they played an hour and it was excellent. New album sounds great live.
Baptists were good in support with Nick playin ghis first of 2 sets but Endon on first were insane! Worth getting there early for.