Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019


Missed the new Body Void release on Friday. Two utterly filthy and desolate doom/sludge epics. They keep getting better.


off to see Sumac tonight in London - don’t really know their stuff well but fancied going to something heavy, looking forward to a few 20minute face tearers.


oh wait i’ve just scrolled up to see that @ericV is also going! hit me up if you fancy a pint/burrito beforehand mate

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Caught Endon’s set in Bristol on Saturday- well worth getting there early for. Nice guys too!

Sumac were truely face melting.

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yeah dude, a few of us will be around if you fancy joining. will let you know where we’ll be at later on!

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Yeah nice guys. What was that instrument that the “bassist?” was using?? Looks pretty homemade but made a right racket…


I tapped out of this, and regret it.


Sumac were great. Really intense and involving avant-metal (to use a terrible phrase) Missed Endon unfortunately but really enjoyed Baptists (although it wasn’t loud enough) Seeing Nick Y pound his way through 2 sets was awesome.

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New Venom Prison sounds way more metal than their debut

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Sumac were awesome last night. Exactly what I’d hoped for.

Baptists were musically very competent but the vocalists was awful. Ruined the band.

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I’m feeling drawn towards heavy badlad music again. had a few days when I was in a very good mood and I listened to a bunch of metal and noise rock and remembered how good it sounds/feels when you aren’t angry or miserable.

forgot how energising it could be. think I avoided it for a while because of my anxiety issues as much as anything.

I’m listening to the last Lamb of God album, lol m8s. it’s pretty good tho, no? solid af. never bothered with them before because they seemed like angry gamer man music.


Really enjoyed the last LoG album. Still Echoes, 512, Embers and Overlord are all great (When the heavy bit kicks in in Overlord :ok_hand:), and otherwise pretty solid.

Have you listened to much else of their earlier stuff? Laid to Rest, Now You’ve Got Something To Die For, Ruin, Vigil, Walk With Me In Hell and Redneck are all permanent fixtures on my day-to-day playlist

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I’d completely forgotten about Lamb of God :open_mouth:
Say them supporting Slayer recently and they were great, love Sturm but the albums before that are too Pantera for me.

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Sorry I dont understand these words :wink:

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I’ve never really liked them, but i did enjoy the documentary about the singer and his arrest for manslaughter. It was crazy. Really warmed to them as people (still think they are pretty average musically though).

I’d recommend a watch - it’s on amazon prime if you have that.


Not a fan but will definitely watch this. Knew about the case but didn’t know there was a documentary. Cheers.

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Not sure if this is quite heavy enough, but the excellent Physics House Band have a new EP out soon and have a preview track. More ace space-y prog vibes.


Not sure if this has been posted but really enjoying these Swedish lads. Nice bit of super lo-fi old school black metal


They seem to name drop the right band names and then I give them a listen and they are unquestionably bad and not at all like the bands they are claiming to be influenced by.


Ooh I am a fan of that there PHB… might need to give this a spin

Edit: I think it fits, the intensity is enough to be “heavy”