Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019


Yes you do!


Discovered this 2015 monster via Riot Act podcast. First I’d heard of them and they’ve split up already. Kinda scratches my Mars Volta itch, but with more metallic nails.


I remember seeing them at the Black Heart! Was pretty loud.I think the guitarist had a new band now: - Haven’t heard them, so not sure if they’re similar!



Remfry Dedman on Riot Act regretted not being at that very gig!

Thanks - I’ll check them out too.


New Moon Tooth. They’re kinda cheesy but loads of fun and their songs usually switch around in exciting ways. First album’s got some crackers on it.


:smiley: This album is fantastic, not heard anything like it. An absolute rush of conflicting styles, noise, speed and chaos.


Yep, I’d agree with every word there.

For me, the Volta similarities are definitely good things.

Quite envious of @Jurgen_Chipz having his ears blown by Wild Throne at the Black Heart as they’re no more!


Yeah this is ace! They also clearly completely passed me by in 2015. I can definitely see the Volta similarities,


Can’t wait for this.