Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019

Do miss @goatmeatmf. Never quite got into black metal but I enjoyed reading his posts about about it.

Hoth have set their 2014 album Oathbreaker to free download, it’s some pretty good melodic black metal, er, based on Star Wars :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but try not to let that out you off, it’s free! From their Facebook;

"In celebration of 5 years since the release of Oathbreaker, we are offering the album for free (name your price) for the next 48 hours.

Head over to get to downloading!

If you want any CDs, cassettes, or t-shirts, remember to use oathbreaker5yrs as a discount code to get 50% off any merch!

We just ask that you share this with all your friends! Thanks for all the support over the years! Keep underground metal alive!"

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'68 are touring again

Supporting A…

Just seen that Red Fang are releasing their new song via an app / game. You basically have to head bang with your phone and if you stop Red Fang dies! Matt Pike makes a cameo too

New record coming out 19th July. Yeeesssssss!

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Really liking the new Martyrdöd album, exciting and brutal crust with some melodeath elements

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This Hoth record is sounding great. New band for me. Thanks for sharing.

Any Solo projects likely?


That took me a second or two, very good!


Slam Dunk festival this weekend, I’m fully expecting to spend some time watching heavier bands on my own while my mates watch All Time Low and Simple Plan… Any tips from the lower ends of the bill worth checking out?

Turnstil are worth checking out. A bit like Helmet in places, Employed to serve are great


New Russian Circles track up on Bandcamp:

They’re touring in August too - have never seen them so picked up a ticket for London.


Check out Angel Dust, Turnstile, The Bronx, Touche Amore, Tiny Moving Parts, Milk Teeth, Press to Meco. Also, definitely see a bit of Lagwagon if you can, excellent live band.

I’m going to the Hatfield one. See you in the pit*

*Standing near the back drinking a pint shouting for first album material

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You’re in for a treat - Arctangent will be my fifth time seeing them. They’ve been better every time… one of my favourite bands to see live. New album news has made my day and the track is sounding pretty solid on first impressions!

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Ta, Turnstile, Tiny Moving Parts, TA and Employed To Serve on my list already (that new ETS album is fantastic) and I’ll check out the rest. So many of the bands I want to see clash, downside of a one day festival. I’m going to Leeds, looking forward to a festival in Temple Newsam again, great festival venue

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One of my finds of the year so far, the support slot at Author & Punisher’s London gig was incredible. Hyped for this!

Another great black/post-black release. Unlike a lot of black metal the bass in this is really noticeable, especially in the first couple of tracks which works really well. Only listened once so far but I will definitely be returning.

Enjoying this, not heard of them before. Makes me realise I need to keep more of an eye on the post metal scene, I’ve been meaning to check out the bands I don’t know in this recent Bandcamp article.


There is some amazing post metal out there but it get’s very samey very quickly.

The new Latitudes is great, the clean vocal helps it stand out.
I’ll have a look for other stuff to recommend.


Thanks for sharing. Good to see Ohhms, Wren and MWWB on there. All worth a listen. Will check out the others.


Black sails are amazing if a bit Prog in places. The last 2 tracks are :ok_hand: