Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019

Saw Big Brave last night. It was a quasi religious experience, so fucking good.


I am crazy jealous. Wanna see those guys so bad.


I saw them at Raw Power. So good. :sunglasses:

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Pals have dropped a new thing

Couldn’t make it to this unfortunately- can you say when the new LP comes out or is it secret?

It’s not a secret but it’s not confirmed yet afaik. Think he’s aiming for july/august.

Thanks man. Hoping to catch you guys again at the next show :+1:

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Any chance of some Dawnwalker live shows?

Loved the Bristol show. Robin is ace.

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We’re trying to get back up and running!

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Hey doomers, here’s a new one from Pallbearer


Conjurer headline tour and the London venue’s a cracker. Such a crushingly brilliant live act.


Fantastic! And llnn as well. That’s going to be intense.

Vocals are a bit “american” style for my taste, but pretty sweet black(ish) post metal from the border of Russia and Mongolia:

Intense indeed. New songs would be great. The Curse These Metal Hands track is a cracker. Listened to Brady on Musician’s Map podcast - well woth a listen.

Worth checking out LLNN? Not familiar with any of the supports.

Saw Conjurer support Conan at BMR and they were so good!

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LLNN are the most intense post metal I’ve ever heard. It’s like the abyss climbing in your ears and making you realise life is pointless and nothing but pain. I can only listen to 1 or 2 songs of theirs at a time.

I’m not sure if that’s a recommendation though :joy:


Sounds right up my street!

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Have you heard Amenra? This describes them.

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I find Amenra a lot easier to listen to.

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