Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019


ah event didn’t load…


:grinning: This actually looks incredible


Very tempted by that.


Bit biased as I’ve been following him/them for a little while but the new album by Vessel of Iniquity is excellent, intense ritualistic blackened noise


early bird weekend sold out instantly! will definitely be waiting for day tickets now


Alexisonfire are releasing new stuff



Alex Brown from Gorilla Biscuits died. He was only 52 :frowning:

I had a wonderful time seeing GB, Touché Amoré and Modern Life is War in Berlin a few years back


A real return to form from Rafn, probably the most prolific artist of the atmo black genre, beautiful and hypnotic.


Neurosis playing the Forum in July with Godflesh supporting. Pretty excited about that, somehow never seen Neurosis.



That’s the day I fly out to Canada. The wife and kids will definitely be cool with me changing the holiday dates so that I can go to this, right?


I saw their 30 year anniversary show in Koko and it was amazing and teeth shatteringly loud.


Neurosis are absolutely astonishing live. So so so heavy


YOB supporting too. Not sure I can justify a night down in London, would love a northern date


Liked but not liked. Its very sad :frowning:

That gig sounds top dollar though!


Oh shit, that’s a GREAT way to finish the bill.


There is a new Vessel of Iniquity record out


Sunn O))) preview out -


This is so good


Vein have a UK tour coming up very soon

Might catch them in Bristol later this month


Anyone seen the trailer for Lords of Chaos?

I have a feeling this is going to be dreadful, probably going to watch it anyway though