Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019


massive thanks to @UncleRetrospective for the tip off about the new Astronoid album - absolutely loving it. I feel like they’ve gone even more Jimmy Eat World (with blastbeats) on this one, but also still very Mew (with blastbeats). just loads of fun and quite lovely in parts.


This sounds very interesting. Thanks for flagging the tip from @UncleRetrospective. Thinking there could be many boxes ticked here.

I’m off to listen.


I listened to the first single but it just sounded so bland to me - like all the aethereal lushness had been stripped away leaving something pretty generic. So I hope the rest makes up for it, or it makes more sense in sequence or something.


hmm dunno i think you either like it or you don’t - i think it’s a really fun/‘nice’ take on the black metal genre, it’s just a very niche oddity that i find really enjoyable. it’s very much just a continuation of the last album, i wouldn’t say there was a huge amount of depth to it on the whole, and there’s not a huge amount to be gained from listening to the whole album over one song imo.


the 23m EP he put out at the end of January is also brilliant;


Thing is I really liked the first album but the single I heard didn’t really seem to have much of what I had enjoyed before - if it’s basically the same then I’m in!


god that trailer looks terrible. I mean, it was never gonna be much cop but that looks so worse.

Will watch it of course


That album is terrible. Keep reading how its a breath of fresh air for hardcore and everything…but it was just rubbish.

i don’t really have a problem with this though seeing as aged 37 i’m probably not the target market for fresh hardcore :smiley:


I’m very excited about the Behemoth WITTR & At the Gates tonight. Killer line up


I have read the N word used in reference to it. That unspeakable term “Nu Metal”. Maybe enough time has passed for this to be OK again.

I always prefer this kind of thing live rather than on record, same applies to bands like Code Orange.


Looks like a lot more sex than actually happened.


Yea that’s fair - probably will be better live.

Code Orange are just Nu-Metal that’s a fact :wink:

Nu metal does seem to be coming back. Its gotta be better than any other revival (if you take away the rampant misogyny and big shorts)


This is weird but awesome

Whole album is streaming on Invisible Oranges


Diving headlong into Gojira has been great. Caught between wishing I’d got into them sooner and enjoying having so much to explore.

Worth seeing live later in the year?


The new Saor album has been released a week early and it’s a bit bloody good.


Yeah Gojira are good, go for it


Icelandic progressive blackened death. A bit like I imagine Opeth might be had they gone in another direction instead of dropping the growls!


back, Back, BACK!!!

First Wildhearts album in 10 years released in May. Here’s the first release…


Really digging this so far. Getting big Botch/Converge vibes… never a bad thing


Good work. Glad you’re digging and with you on the Converge vibes. Never got into Botch, but perhaps I need to!