Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019

I’m going to Bristol, mostly for Mol (who are second support and probably going to be on at eight o’clock or something). Day after Deafheaven as well. My ears are not going to forgive me.



My ears have thanked me for these countless times over the years!


I’ve listened to the album a couple of times, there are 3 or 4 great tracks but overall, meh it’s ok I guess. I doubt it will appear in my end of year list, there have been just too many better (imo) metal albums this year.

@meths has an album out?


So so buzzing for this album. Wasn’t expecting to be this excited for a new CoL LP but I can’t stop listening to the first two tracks. They are absolutely huge. Having seen them live recently probably helped, too. Roll on the 20th!


This kicks arse!

hearing a lot of buzz about CoL, and I must admit I’ve been sleeping on them since Somewhere Along the Highway despite being a huge fan of this and earlier albums. I need to check this out it seems

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Crossposting with new music of the week thread, but it deserves it.

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Get your ears around this sharpish then.
As loudly as you can.


Riot Act were raving about the new CoL album and suggesting it could well be in the running for AOTY, though I’m thinking Tool will win out for them.

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Hmm yeah this is good, but I think when you write an album based around a guest singer it masks out all the things I like about this band - mainly atmosphere through minimalism. Kinda like the Neurosis/Jarboe record but not as much- her vocals are weird enough that they are almost an electronic instrument.

I’ll give this a few more goes - the last track is some serious avalanche of tension!

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I like it because it does have that different dimension, I feel CoL can be very monochrome musically and that’s not something you can accuse this album of :grin:

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I appreciate that they needed to stay ahead of the curve in a dying genre, so good for them

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