Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019




Ooooh get on Botch as a matter of urgency m9. Everything they released was top drawer


Shit, just checking this out too - it’s fantastic! They do that thing with riffs where there’s a bit of chugga and then a widdle that goes back into the chugga, and I am powerless against it! Really like all the other voices and atmospherics too.


Totally agree with your excellent chugga-widdle-chugga assessment. I’m pretty powerless to resist it too.


Not to say they’re at all one-note - there’s loads of variation in the album!


I too am a slave to this particular brand of headwrecking wizardry


37 quid innit, still thinking about going to supersonic instead


Quite into the new Alexisonfire, sounds suitably different for it not to just be a nostalgia-based comeback, still recognisable as them though. I’m in the minority that thinks Old Crows is their best album though…


Why has Dallas gone all operatic


I actually quite like Georges bit, the vocals are as rough as theyve been for a while and I quite look how they’ve not played it safe. Dallas proper ruins it, sounds like recent He Is Legend or something. Rubbish


Then get onto These Arms Are Snakes, Kill sadie and Narrows


@Olivarez this is a good shout if you enjoy Botch. Feckin love TAAS. Narrows and Kill Sadie I’m not so familiar with so might need check them out myself


Steve wotsisname from TAAS was in Kill Sadie. Experiments in Expectation is a great album! Think one of them went on to play in Pretty Girls Make Graves as well. Mm


YouTube took me here first Botchwise. And it’s brilliant! Cheers.


Funnily enough I listened to The New Romance the other week for the first time in over a decade. Still a very good album


They were excellent! First album had looooooads of energy. Never did get around to listening to their last one though…


If you can find the whole We Are The Romans album on youtube or elsewhere you’ve hit the jackpot. For me, and I’d imagine lots of others, its the pinnacle of their recordings


An Anthology of Dead Ends EP is also an excellent Botch release.

The first riff on “Framce” sounds like slow motion lasers.


Really enjoying this:

Been listening to it on repeat the past few days. Hardcore/screamo with a lot of fun moments.


Fluoride (ffo: grind) are dropping a new album and playing Europe in May, my dudes