Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019


cheers. They were all pretty much my way into the heavier end of things. I’m now listening to Oceanic for the first time in ages after posting that, ooft, what a record!


Broke his arm didn’t he? Not sure why but The Armed album doesn’t do it for me… and it really should given all parties involved


This would be an absolute tragedy for all things heavy music. He’s my all time fave drummer too


Good excuse to wap this out again. Easily my most copied youtube video



This is now the Ben Koller appreciation thread. Love this so much!


Brodsky forgetting the words and just going ‘she’s my grandma woah woah woah she’s my landlord’ always makes me laugh


I’m pretty sure he was involved in United Nations (definitely played live with them). This album is well under appreciated


He’s not human


I like the Armed cause they’re a bit of a throw back to music I liked in college (An Albatross, Genghis Tron) - just all out throw noise and see what sticks


Yuuuuup! Aye and apparently Daryl Palumbo (not convinced though). Love it


Daryl was the bassist in them I think rather than the vocals


Ah… so is it Geoff Rickly on all vocals?

#134 Daryl’s definitely involved from this

I’m not sure about vocals - it doesn’t sound like Geoff doing some of the heavier stuff on the first record.l I’ve not seen any live videos either but I’m sure there’s some out there

According to wiki, Ryan Bland has done the harsher vocals live (but I don’t know who that is)


Didnt think so either. Surely he would’ve used that voice with Thursday etc. before, if he had it. No idea who that is either


sometimes with Thursday he does go a bit “screamier”


Yeah they remind me of all different types of bands I used to love - Cutting Pink, even Help She Can’t Swim in parts. Great lil band.


Cheers for the recs, going to explore this stuff for the next few days.


Title track from the new USA/Mexico album is proper sludge/noise chaos.


Just went for a walk and listened to the whole of the first UN album (the walk was obviously about 3 times longer than the album ha) and I think it is Geoff screaming for a lot of it? There’s quite a few moments where the scream trails off into singing and it’s his voice. Guess we’ll never really know. Definitely doesn’t sound like Daryl at least.

Also remembered I have the album on vinyl somewhere ha, will have to dig it out.