Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019


@badmanreturns are you coming to the Manchester show to see The Armed?

@tricklenipple hiya, good chance to hang that m8


Yeah I think it is actually him on ‘the screams’ now after listening to that Thurday track @TKC posted


Also, wtf is up with the utter bollocks production on the EP that came after the first album! Totally sucks away everything good about them




Picked up a copy of Botch’s WATR on eBay and it arrived yesterday. Only a few listens in, but it’s great and no mistake. Thanking you.


If you’re at all inclined towards doom, try Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard’s Y Proffyd Dwyll. Great big sludgey riffs drenched in weird 1970s electronic noises that Dik Mik would be proud of. If you ever went to bed after eating too much cheese and dreamed of Delia Derbyshire jamming with Black Sabbath then I’ve got good news for you. Also lovely ethereal female vocals instead of the usual grunts. Basically it’s like watching the Headbanger’s Ball on Skaro, and then your big sister comes home and puts on her Cocteau Twins tape.

They’ve got a new one out next week, very excited.


Fantastic description, you’ve sold me. Downloading it now. I’ve also discovered Old today, they’re currently blowing my mind.


Is anyone going to Roadburn?
I’m just going for a couple of days (Friday/Saturday) but, if I’m honest, I’m a bit clueless about a lot of the bands.
I don’t want to spend the whole two days listening to men with guitars, shouting (although, obviously, some men with guitars, shouting will feature), so I’m looking at some of the bands with women with guitars, shouting, and other bands with no shouting at all.
Any tips/recommendations?


anna von hauswolf is really really good
svalbard are ace and have a woman shouting
gosta berlings saga are dudes (I think) but will probably be a nice 70s prog weirdness relief from all the rawk.

would fucking love to see triptykon, but that’s definitely in the men shouting category


Anna Von Hausswolff is on my list and, men shouting notwithstanding, so are Triptykon, mainly because it’s a special. I’ve also got Loop, Messa, A A Williams, GlerAkur, Louise Lemón and Wolvennest, plus some other shouty men too.

I tend to steer well clear of prog, as I have a really very low tolerance for that so it’ll just get on my nerves.

Last year, aside from the bands that I already knew I wanted to see, I just wandered in and out of venues and enjoyed the vibe. I even took in a bit of black metal here and there, which was hilarious.


how dare. i think you’ll find black metal is Very Serious Business.

GBS is not full cape prog, if that can tempt you a bit? I really like them, they write beautiful music.

I should go to one of these euro fests soon, they sound cool.


Actually, I’m listening to Uran right now and they sound like fun so they’re going on the list.


Ok, I’ll see if I can catch a bit of GSB, for you, but I make no promises at all. My record for shortest time watching a Roadburn band was for [band shall remain nameless] and I lasted about as long as it takes to say “right, who’s this then? Oh hell no”.

And, dude, black metal is flipping hilarious. Last year, one guy in the FB group went Mizmor crazy


Discovered Dangerface through the Riot Act podcast, decent thrashy, punk rock like The Bronx, Ghost of a Thousand, bit Kvelertak/Honningbarna in places:


Try find the concert dvd to the last show, pretty sure Brian gets prevented from going back on stage as security think hes a fan


Go see Lingua Ignota


Some bruising and distinctly bleak hardcore for you. Crushing. Perfect for a Monday morning, I’d have thought.


This is getting me going at the moment, self styled ‘proletarian crust’ - although its more punk, albeit fucking raging!

Red Bait

Also, sure i’ve mentioned this before but that Portrayal of Guilt record is so good. Still listening to it now. Any fans of classic screamo/experimental hardcore should definitely check it

On the black metal front i’ve been enjoying this UKBM - Crimson Throne


I got into them off the back of you mentioning it in one of the end of year threads, and never got round to saying thanks. So thanks! Its incredibly unsettling


I’m so jealous of you being in the early stages of a love affair which is going to give you so much