Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2019


Ignore this


This is exciting.


Pointed in Ilenkus’ direction by the Riot Act pod. YouTube decided I should hear this track first. Mighty impressed. Probably more so than the shoppers in close proximity to an acapella version.


That Portrayal of Guilt record is a cracker. Thank you! Somehow let it pass me by despite listening to so many Holy Roar bands over the last year.


Anyone a fan of Sugar Horse? The St. Pierre lads have been bigging them up loads.

Not sure what this is like really, some meaty heavy bits though.


Good name for a Sigur Ros covers band :+1:

Didn’t listen


You should listen. Doesn’t sound like Sugar Ross though.


I bloody love St Pierre too!


Me too, absolutely smashing band!


Ooh I like St Pierre, I will check this out tomorrow


the laddo from the armed was NOT happy with people not moshing tonight, lots of that moaning at the audience for not being hype enough happening.

I had my fun and that’s all that matters.


He was definitely going that way in London as well tbf, which I sort of hate, but he got into the crowd and made it fun enough for himself in the end.


daft innit, not gonna improve things.

the venue was half empty and everyone was running away from him when he came wading in, he’s a fucking big lump of a man. would probably have been a mint show if it’d been packed out, but everytime I was getting really into the music I’d get smashed from behind unexpectedly and lose it.

band were sick as though, bit gutted the girl singer wasn’t there.


I just find it quite a tired old heavy music mindset - that people need be throwing themselves around to ‘prove’ they’re hard enough/metal enough to be worthy of the band that’s performing. I’m not going to throw myself around like I did 10 years ago after 6 pints - doesn’t mean I’m not still as worthy a fan of the music.


A couple of superb recent black metal releases.

Véhémence “Par le Sang Versé” - Melodic medieval themed black metal from France

Ashes “Ashes” - Excellent Polish black metal recorded and mixed by Mgła


guys please help me I can’t stop listening to Polyphia


Just got tipped off about these guys. Playing with Svalbard in Bristol next Friday. Well harsh.


Nice. What is it with Leeds and Hardcore? Seems to be loads of stuff going on there.




Not listened to WATR in years. Forgot what an incredible album it is.