Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2020

Let’s get this rolling straight away, here’s hoping 2020 can be as good as last year. :metal:


Are there any abbreviated highlights from last year someone fancies summarising?


My blog

Spotifiy list of the year


Bit late to the party but enjoying the ridiculousness of zig zags - they’ll never take us alive.

V 80s punk/thrash - ffo suicidal tendencies i guess


A nice bit of Russian atmo black that was released late on 31st December, so I’m calling that an early 2020 release! As @UncleRetrospective said, let’s hope 2020 is as good as 2019 for metal releases, imho this is a good start.

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My 2019 metal albums of the year -

Redbait have an LP coming out this year, which I’m excited for as they released a fantastic EP last year and the year before that.

FFO: Hardcore punk, anti-capitalism

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big fan of the first tape they did & Cages was great also. and really looking forward to an album. The records have been too much for me to buy over here so far :frowning:

Sunset Wrecks have a new album out. It’s a kind of chill out album but built on the sound of Spite era Godflesh.

And thanks to at @shucks for putting me onto Sugar Horse. They mix hardcore, sludge and sound like Deftones when they go melodic. I’ve been listening to this on repeat all weekend.

The new single is very sludgy, love it :smiley:


:smiley: No problem! They deserve to be huge, cracking band.

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Well, that’s going to be a barrel of laughs :open_mouth:

really hoping this comes to roadburn

I’ve won up to 6 free passes for Hammerfest in Great yarmouth

I don’t think I’ll be going but if anyone is interested let me know and I’ll see if i can get them for you

I won tickets for that last year and turned them down as it felt like a scam. Feel a bit silly about that now.

First new material from Dragged Into Sunlight since 2015. Not sure myself, it never seems to go anywhere. The first half of the one 28 minute track is dark ambient noise, sounds and guitar in a similar way to 2012’s Widowmaker but less captivating and unlike that one it doesn’t provide the punch-in-the-face fury until the last five minutes! It feels a bit phoned in tbh.

New Kvelertak with yer man from the Mastodons

I really like this, odd hearing them sing in English, but it’s decent and thankfully shorter than that other one they released.

So it turns out the band will get no money from this release, there’s been some acrimonious split with Prosthetic Records and the label have released this with no discussion with the band. The band’s statement;

I like the last line which basically says go ahead and pirate it!

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New Pigs x7 is cracking and sounds so fucking metal.


Really enjoyed the waste of space orchestra album from last year. Took a couple of listens to get into it but I definitely have now. Like Kayo Dot in places, at least in its scope