Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2020

Looking forwards to checking this out. Need some sludge right now.

This is also, in true Old Man Gloom prankster style, a follow-up to an album yet to be released.

Saw it on Spotify and presumed it was the one that was going to be released in May. Should have realised it wouldn’t be as straightforward as that!

this is really good isn’t it. frantic! Have you heard Gridlink? Features John Chang and Takafumi Matsubara…

Some next level grind right there

Unsane/Swans ‘Supergroup’ anyone?

Kinda like a more noise rock These Arms Are Snakes maybe…

Couple of listens in and its sounds brilliant.

Human Impact


It’s really good :slight_smile:


Liking this, good shout!

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its hilarious. Did you see the press release where they were saying about all the different ways they wanted to release it? Farce!

Album sounded good on first listen but i usually find they take a few spins to sink in.

Ooh, thanks! Don’t think I have heard this. One I’ll be checking out properly this evening!

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Aye this is good stuff. Reminds me a little of Årabrot - think it’s the vocals

Yes - good shout. It was having a similar effect for me (once i’d moved past the ‘his vocals remind me of Unsane’ idiocy!)

We don’t seem to get much Death Metal chat around these parts but has anyone else been excited to hear the new Sweven LP? Technical proggy death metal but don’t let that put you off.

Its the chap from Morbus Chron - who rather oddly has named this new project after their last album. Anyway, listened to the first couple of tracks and there is a lot going on - sounds ace though.

If you haven’t heard Sweven the album though i’d recommend rectifying that immediately. Technical progressive death metal but done beautifully and easily in the top 5, of not 3 death metal releases of the century…

(Sorry for the Spotify link)

Interestingly i think death metal seems to be the most exciting ‘heavy’ genre at the moment. Always been more of a black metal fan, and still am, but a lot of BM seems to have got a bit boring over the past few years. There are still some great bands and bands doing some extraordinary things but the whole atmospheric and ‘post’ trend has ruined it to some extent. Too many bands taking the WITTR or Deafheaven approach and failing miserably, Over the past few years albums like Morbus Chron, Portal, Blood Incantation, Tomb Mold, Gatecreeper, Horredndous to name a few have really pushed on DM…

Anyway, after a death metal beakfast better go see what the kids are doing

Yeah I really like both Morbus Chron albums so I’ll probably check this out

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I loved Death Metal in the 90’s but just lost the taste for it. Even with all the new stuff coming out I can’t get back into it. Maybe ironically, I’m liking more Black Metal as it becomes less Kvlt, I much prefer Blackened than Black.
The closest I’ve gotten to DM lately was a friend introduced me to Gatecreeper, some fantastic Death Doom. :smiley:

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that blood incantation album was yuge


Personally I’m definitely more on the BM side, I like most forms of black especially atmospheric and post-black, but I’ve never really enjoyed much death. I do like some of the more progressive stuff such as early Opeth (if that can be counted) but it usually leaves me pretty underwhelmed.

better late than never

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There’s a live Friendship & Kurokama gig on YouTube at 10pm tonight:


Sorry to hear that Bill Rieflin has died. He might be more widely known for replacing Bill Berry in R.E.M. these days, but his drumming on the classic Ministry records is :fire:


I was only into the more melodic stuff in the 90’s - Heartwork era Carcass, At the Gates and the like. Despite liking Black Metal i always found death a bit too silly…! I came at it through the florida sound and cannibal corpse felt daft even back then.

I’d very much count that Gatecreeper as death metal so you’re in :wink: I find genres blur so much these days i think its easier to pick up something and gradually find yourself getting into a style.

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Was this any good? Was going to the brum leg of this tour. Gutted it couldn’t happen.