Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2020

This was like me, not even totally sure what changed it but think it could well have been that Morbus Chron album thinking about it, and the first Blood Incantation. Listening to things like that and at the same time slowly getting into the band Death, and then listening to Possessed and its not that far away from the Black metal stuff i was enjoying from around then.

I only caught part of Kurokuma’s set but that was great, really well produced. Couldn’t stay up late (for me, I sleep like an old man) enough for Friendship unfortunately. Had a ticket for the London gig, hope they can get it rescheduled.

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You can watch it on YouTube still…

That new Hunstmen album be be a bit too long but it is really good.
Loving this, great sludgy goodness.

Giving this a listen now, I like it so far, 78 minutes though blimey!

Still, shorter than that Spectral Lore/Mare Cognitum split that I’ve been playing a lot which is 116 minutes!

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There’s no need to break an hour, and that’s pushing it :smiley:

This is good. I need to dig American Scrap out too.

Am just watching the album release stream/show now. Features the dude Bruce Lamont from Yakuza which is a bonus.

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I think American Scrap is a better album. Shorter anyway :smiley:

Would anyone be up for doing like a playlist of their favourite 50 songs and sharing?

Already stuck for things to listen to while working.

Not necessarily heavy stuff either

So this is the Heavy playlist I’m working on at the moment.

And here’s the one I finished last month.

I have some dance and indie ones if you’re interested.

Another cracker from Brutus. Released today and from the Nest sessions apparently.


Of all time? Or recent stuff?3

here’s one I have already but it’s a WIP

just of al time really, i might do one myself

Yah do, I love a good playlist sharing situation

Don’t laugh, I still listen to In Flames

@ericVI slowly making my way through these - Mountain Caller are great!

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it’s only their first demo so think the album is going to be a significant improvement

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If anyone in interested in some old school death / sludge that sounds like it escaped from Earache’s vault in the early 90’s, this is fun.

The postman’s just delivered the new Pigs x7 album from Norman’s, want to blast it right now but I’ve got to go on a conference call!

hello ant. the only person i know who is really, REALLY into sabbath is my old line manager and she is british indian. she loves all types of shit metal, throws devil horns in every photo, and knows som from My Vitriol well. she is one of the nicest people i’ve ever met.