Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2021

Let’s get this started!
There’s hoping 2021 will be as amazing for heavy music as last year.


Last year’s thread got me back into the heavier end of my tastes, so looking forward to seeing what you all share this year :grin:

Been listening to the Respire album loads over the last few weeks, love it!


Starting the year with Jane Doe. It’s still great in 2021.


yeah i woke up to a dog barking outside too :wink:

You’re right though, still a phenomenal LP after all these years.

Happy 2021 fellow riff lords. Lets hope it’s a good one. Hoping i get to see some riffs before Enslaved in May but not convinced even that’ll happen to be honest.

One of my favourite bangers from last year to kick things off…

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First one I’m aware of, Russian atmo black outfit Grima release new album Rotten Garden on 22/01. Lead track;

Last year was the first time in ages two heavy albums were in my top ten (Duma and Oranssi Pazuzu). Also discovering some more good stuff through end of year lists (mitochondrial sun, aftwsh or however you spell it)

Probably should get on board with this thread. But I’m totally out of loop, and have been out of the loop for a longtime. In the new year, sometime soon I’ll start my first thread ‘each DiSounder recommended me 10 metal albums from the last 20 years’. I got properly into Aphex Twin about year 2000 and that had me wave goodbye to any new metal. Problem is I associate metal with being a youngster. Hmmm maybe I’m overthinking this :face_with_monocle::grinning::metal:

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Oh what? Blimey

God Mother are great

Just seen this pop up on my phone. So sad, 41 is no age.

Not sure what folks on here think about Children of Bodom, but Hate Crew Deathroll is one of the few albums where I’d happily listen to each individual track on it’s own. No filler, a ‘perfect’ record in that sense.



Having great fun looking at playlists artists have curated on Spotify, finding some great stuff through those

Found Shy, Low through an Infant Island one and now playing a Suffocate For Fuck Sake album


These are great. They seemed to pop up on social media last year and i think they have a new album out this year which i’m looking forward to it. Never heard Shy, Low I’ll check 'em out


fucking haunting, pretty, melancholic album
the spoken word is all about the person’s experience with a mental health institute and even though it’s in Swedish it’s very effective


Yeah they are great stuff. Might just base all my listening around following Spotify trails, also found World of Pleasure, Speedway and Storm(o) yesterday who are all great

Peruvian blackened hardcore band here, absolutely rips

cvltnation posts gold pretty much every week, they’ve just done a shoutout to Lungfish who were criminally underrated

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ridiculous guitar solo

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Storm(o) are fantaaaastic.


Hell yeah., i’ve got the LP with this on and it’s killer

(just noticed you can get slghtly damaged versions of the lp from them for cheap which i’d recommend doing to anyone reading this!)