Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2021

I was 16 and did.

Fucking sellouts :confused: :smiley:

The fucking guitar TONE on this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

New '68 tune is pretty great. Post-pandemic wishlist includes seeing Scogin live, whatever he’s doing. New album out next month.


getting massive Boris vibes from this! cheers

I saw 68 and they were brilliant. They always do proper weird support acts. I saw them with POD and Alien Ant Farm, the crowd were baffled. they also toured with A after that. Wonder if there’s a thread in mismatched supports

Also saw them with Drug Church and Every Time I Die, what a line up.

Never got to see The Chariot or him with Norma Jean although I have seen NJ. Dull

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This would be a good starting point


Oh wow yeah

:smiley: I could just never get on with it. Felt really disappointed when it came out and never really recovered from that. Tried at the time as chums were all over it but it never worked!

I may give it another go later and see if my older ears get on board

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There was that time Slayer and Sleep played at the Ally Pally. They should have put Sleep after Slayer.

I love 'em both, and I know Slayer are Slayer and all that but getting supremely baked to watch Sleep then having to start smashing cans down to pick up again for a Slayer show was real hard work!


this is great, reminding me of The Armed as well. i assumed GT were gone for good!

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I saw 65daysofstatic and Errors supported by Gay For Johnny Depp which was a real contrast


The Pipettes then DJ Scotch Egg, followed by The Go! Team has to be one of my most varied gigs!


No problem! Let me know how it goes. :grinning: Different strokes and all that.

On reflection, I actually wouldn’t say it’s their best but It’s certainly pretty banging.

I just find it difficult to imagine why someone could get along with Leviathan but not Blood Mountain. It still rips like Leviathan, even if it does have some occasionally cheesy fantasy concepts. But hey, if you don’t like cheesy-fantasy concepts, why are you listening to Mastodon? :smiley:

Been re-acquainting myself with Emperor of Sand over the weekend and it’s better than I remember. I guess it’s phase 2 (phase 3?) Mastodon where it sounds pretty far removed from the riffing of Leviathan etc, with a hint of QoTSA. There are some pretty catchy songs on there!

They do a decent job covering Alice In Chains too.


Melodic blackened death from Gernany.

“This album is intended to commemorate the countless victims of the First World War.
Men were thrown into a different reality where only survival counted. Death, fear and hunger as a constant companion in the waist-deep trenches filled with mud. An order turned people into cannon fodder in the human mill - World War I.
The lyrical background of “Menschenmühle” is based on factual reports, letters and other documents from the surviving and deceased soldiers.”

Oranssi Pazuzu tour dates for 2021 inevitably pushed back a year to May 2022. Some day…

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anyone want a download of the FORHST (Blut aus Nord) album - got my vinyl today and it has code - already have it on bandcamp

I was about to say yes but then remembered I ordered the vinyl a couple of days ago so will get the full Bandcamp download when it’s released on Friday.

Members of Full of Hell doing a noise thing

Also some German Hardcore Punk


Serena Cherry the vocalist from Svalbard has done a solo black metal album, first track from it here;

I like it, looking forward to hearing the whole thing