Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2021

Decided I’m going to make a playlist of every band/album mentioned in this thread on Deezer this year… might miss a few here and there but this thread is always a goldmine so going to try and keep up. Information nobody needed to know but I felt like sharing. Next post please

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So far it seems like Storm{o} need some attention

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Been enjoying Mouthbreather recently

Well people have said I’m quite a joy to be arou… oh… ha will give them a go. Couldn’t find a few of your recs on Deezer but haven’t tried bandcamp yet

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Haha didnt even notice the name likeness!

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So the first 30 secs reminds me of Birds in row :+1: never a bad thing

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Enjoying this. Debut album of symphonic/atmospheric black metal. Possibly the first of a four album series.


Been listening to this today… very decent some crushingly heavy riffs with melodic over
-tunes… know nothing about the band random band camp discovery.

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A couple of rather good atmo black releases -

Excellent (if too short) album with some great melodic riffs that came out on new year’s day

New 2 track EP from A Diadem of Dead Stars -

May have missed this being shared already but I’m really enjoying this guy - doom/black

Norman have a preorder up for the vinyl… tempted

not a new release but a stone cold classic you can really chew on

4:46 - 5:25 is pinnacle thrash metal for me

Gatecreeper just surprise dropped a new ep.
Old school death, death/doom.
8 songs, 18 minutes and one of those songs is a 11 minute slab of doom. :slightly_smiling_face:
It rips.


For fans of Bad Brains

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Yeah, that made it in my end of year list. The whole ep is the best thing they’ve done. One i’m glad i’ve got the lyric sheet for mind!

Absolutely bonkers but it all just about holds together. A hugely important band for hardcore at the moment i think.

(Their last album was great also if you haven’t heard that)

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yeah just had the album, not as keen on that as the latest EP but its still a belter!

Enjoying this one from Jacob Bannon/Shane Embury/members of Nasum and Soilwork

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Oh nice, i’ll have a listen to that later. Still love to check out bannon barking on other projects from time to time…

Its got to be better than that one from last year though - the ‘super’ group with someone from (can’t believe its their 2nd mention this week…!) Job for a Cowboy. Couldn’t see the fuss about that at all. There was a hell of a lot more interesting death metal out last year than that.

Not heard of those, I’m not a huge death metal fan though! Who else was in the group?

my mate sent me this album (from 2020) today, not heard any Cloudkicker before, absolutely love it - chuggy/riffy instrumental stuff, sort of like Bossk/CoL but less post-metal maybe

ffo: hardcore punk

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they sound literally nothing like BB :confused:

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