Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2021

No way! Weird coincidence, what’s the story there? (if you can share it)

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oh absolutely nothing interesting, just two nerds nerding out about being nerds. he did mention that he contributed some stuff to the new kosmo record though.

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I did approve of that :rofl:

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Great stuff! Dipping in now

Quite liking this. The vocals remind me of someone, but can’t quite place it. Transylvanian Tapes put out some pretty good stuff!

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Really enjoyed that! Much prefer the format of band members chatting to a straight up interview as everyone seems way more at ease. Also loved the prog debate! You should definitely do more of these

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ha cheers! yeah alec suggested we should do a regular thing but i’m far too awkward, was just a fun one off thing for me. reckon he might start something up though.

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Didn’t come across that way at all, you’re a natural! I also liked the clips of songs as it gave a good sense of what he’s about as a writer / musician, etc. Maybe if I post a link of a random band I’ve found on the internet, it’ll magic another interview into existence

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Yeah I know what you mean re the vocals. I do like a bit of hardcore-esque singing in my metal.

The darkest waves in the bay is such a good tagline

New one by Olhava (atmospheric BM) is ace

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I was going to post about this, I’ve been listening to it a lot this past week. I’m not sure it’s as good as last year’s Ladoga but I love the wall of sound, drone like quality of it. How does he keep up those blast beats for 20 minutes?! Frozen Bloom I & II are just beautiful!

Yeah I totally agree. Really liked Ladoga from last year too. Love the ambient bits in this one, kinda reminds me of M83 in a strange way.

I didn’t realise until last night that they released a drone version of their self titled debut at the start of last year. Listening now and it’s so relaxing! :sleeping: Maybe not ideal when I should be working!

Pijn + HYOM + Mountain Caller tour in November

Factory251 is an odd venue in Manchester

I saw Pijn play their album in full in the Black Heart and they were fantastic.

I was there! Was a goodun. Think it’s gonna be a different lineup and a second album is nearly done so interested to see what they’re up to.

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Mountain Caller and Slabdragger was the last show I went to before lockdown. Great band.

First ever official release of the “first” Unsane album from 1989.

Pretty interesting back story on why it never came out originally;

"Unreleased first Unsane album originally slated to be released in 1989. Chris Spencer explains below:

“Improvised Munitions” was a release that was made for Circuit records in ’89 that we thought was our big break as they were putting out up and coming bands like Cop Shoot Cop and Surgery and Monster Magnet. We made the record and gave it to Ernie, the guy that ran Circuit, and got the test pressings. Following our approval of the test pressings, Ernie disappeared. We were soon to learn that Ernie had a massive cocaine habit and had owed some drug dealers a shit ton of money. I have never seen him again since he handed me a test pressing one night at the Pyramid club. I have since always wondered if he possibly OD’d or was killed for a drug debt. At the time, this was a huge let down. We (Unsane) managed to use a couple of tracks for singles, but while on tour my junky roommates stole all of my original early Unsane 7 inches and the Circuit test pressing. The original Circuit record now seemed gone forever. We re-recorded some of the tracks to put on the first full length for Matador and soldiered on with non-stop touring. Years went by, and then I heard a rumor that someone actually had a copy of the test pressing. More than likely the one that my drug addled roommates had taken. After a few years of trying to find it with no luck, there was finally a good lead via multiple different people. it turned out that a guy (Jordan Mamone, Thanks!) had bought it at a used record store on the Lower East Side back in the day, stored it in his record collection and still had it in great condition. For me, it was crazy to hear it after all this time. We were able to copy and remaster it and as hard as it is for me to believe, we will actually be able to get the record out. The Lamb Unlimited version will also have 4 tracks of super early Unsane stuff that I used to go around to clubs like CBGB’s, ABC No Rio and the Pyramid to try to get shows when we had nothing out. For what it’s worth, this is the very beginning of the band Unsane…”

This release is an 11 track new early Unsane album featuring the 7 songs from original concept of “Improvised Munitions” and 4 songs from a cassette demo that was used to get shows locally. Additionally, the slide’s for original artwork for “Improvised Munitions” created by original Unsane bassist Pete Shore and photographer Jens Jurgensen (also member of Boss Hog) has also been found, thus the fully original concept of this album has finally come to fruition."