Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2021

they sound literally nothing like BB :confused:

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not to be that person, but…


I wouldn’t really call JFaC death metal, and so they are easily bet by even the most mediocre of death metal releases

it was the most appropriate term i thought but i’m not that bothered by genre names. Reckon it does fit though. Not sure i get the 2nd bit of what you’ve said sorry

@TKC they feature…

Few bands embody the term “supergroup” like Umbra Vitae . The project reunites Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon with guitarists Mike McKenzie ( The Red Chord ) and Sean Martin (ex- Hatebreed, Twitching Tongues )—fresh off of last year’s Wear Your Wounds album. The dynamite lineup rounds off with The Red Chord ’s Greg Weeks on bass and Jon Rice ( Uncle Acid , ex- Job for a Cowboy ) on drums.

Not heard these before and fair enjoyed that cheers. Sounds well turn of the century.

Woke me up a little. :+1: :smiley:

Oh yeah I’ve heard them, had a couple of songs on yesterday. I didn’t realise the other members were in those bands, The Red Chord is a name that takes me back

just woke up - i was referring to Umbra Vitae as death metal. Not sure about job for a cowboy. deathcore or something i dunno. whackcore.

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I misread too. Godbless coffee

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Thanks for posting the Blood From The Soul track. I’d let the album pass me by, but gave it a listen and then some more listens today. Turns out it’s very good!

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Apparently Lou Koller was in them previously, not heard any of that but yeah, enjoy this new one a lot

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Any excuse to post this! First couple albums were highly influential to a teenage me. Didn’t keep up with them after that though.

Ooh, quite like this.

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In terms of what’s been keeping Mr Bannon musically busy in 2020, I think I’ll be returning to Blood From The Soul a lot more often than Umbra Vitae.

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I’m doing the same on Spotify, I thought it might be interesting if the thread had a collaborative playlist to drop recommendations into maybe? There’s always a few people dip in asking for recommendations who’d find it useful, and it would be a good archive at the end of the year. So…

Feel free to add tracks, nothing is off limits as long as it’s heavy.

(I’ve gone for ‘tracks recommended IN 2021’ rather than ‘FROM 2021’ just now as not much has been released so far!)


This was a good YouTube discovery. Huge sounding despite it’s brief length, more of an EP at 25 minutes. Atmospheric black from Ukraine, some of the trance like repetition reminding me of Raven Throne or Fluisteraars.

I took the liberty of adding a track to your playlist @Kovacs77 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Posted it above a few weeks ago, found it on a band camp browse, it’s really really good… was a bit unsure of Ukrainian black metal but listened to this loads

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Ah so you did! Sorry, I must have missed that.

Yes, it’s great. As it was so short I listened to the even shorter previous release from last year straight after, that is also great!

Damnation line up’s looking awesome already, Bell Witch! :astonished:


Aye, it’s a shame it’s them and aerial ruin though