Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2021

Looking at some other websites, Amazon, HMV etc, it’s Heterophoto :man_shrugging:

New single from the upcoming solo debut from Serena Cherry of Svalbard

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Certainly wasn’t expecting this to get as heavy as it does (old song I know)

what are your thoughts to it?

I had a listen to Labyrinthian earlier but its a bit too folky for me

I really like it, really nice melodies going on and her vocals are nicely lower in the mix and work pretty well for me. I’ve liked all three so far (Wretched Abyss possibly my favourite), rather looking forward to the album. Can’t say I remember Labyrinthian being folky but I’ve only heard it once a few weeks ago, I’ll have to give it another go.

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Got spectral lore, paysage and this one today

But been on dad duties all day, 12 year olds and the latest black metal do not mix :slight_smile:

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Oft spectral Lore album is good…

Paysage, I like but it’s a little one tone and epic, 70 minutes of unrelenting heaviness very little shift between the songs. It’s still really good.

The vinyl for this looks lush. I think I also need to give Squalus another spin with fresh ears. I think I was hoping for Giant Squid mk II on first listen.

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Neptunian Maximalism’s Eons is well worth some time too methinks!

Big Brave’s record is obviously amazing

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Yeah it’s a fantastic record… Though I think I have listened to it end to end only once or twice… it’s not an easy listen!

It’s going to take me a few listens to fully get my head around the Spectral Lore album’s cacophonous majesty! :metal:

Haha, yeah, it’s not really a quick listen (although I think maybe doesn’t seem as long a listen as it actually is).

Severely underrated gem of an album.

Voivod are set to play live-streams of Nothingface and Dimension Hatross. Not totally convinced on the price, but still slightly tempted by this!

Also digging the drums on this track from Radiant Knife (split with Woorms).

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Am i the only one who 2 mins into this thinks it sounds exactly like Kasabian? @Mert_Aksac

That’s uncanny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: sounds like something off West Ryder Lunatic Pauper Asylum or whatever its called

There’s one song which I think was a single it sounds exactly like, I had to google the lyrics to see if it was a cover

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Tweet it to Ed Gamble I reckon

Last year’s Eternity of Shaog made my top ten black metal albums. Now, one man avant-garde black/death outfit Esoctrilihum is back next month with a follow up, the even more oddly titled Dy’th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath! However, on the strength of the first two tracks I am perfectly happy that I’ve pre-ordered the double vinyl! :grinning: