Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2021

Finally, new Amygdala! They are doing a split LP with Listless, who I’m listening to for the first time now and seem pretty good.


It’s taken forever! Last LP was killer so i’m gonna be all over this. Likewise Listless are new to me

Erdve have put their new album on YouTube.
Blackened hardcore, the two songs I’ve heard of it are just so over the top heavy that it’s nuts.

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ONDA is awesome, the first track Sawtooth has an amazing build up to it.

A band that should probably have been my cup of tea, but never quite clicked despite various attempts. Sad news in any case…

Reissues of Panopticon and Oceanic by Isis up for pre-orders:

I had Panopticon in my basket, by the time I’d filled out my details and was about to checkout, “unavailable” and it was gone! :frowning:

I’d understand if you put me on ignore for the release date. Sorry you missed out!

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I found about this about 10 minutes after realising I didn’t have a gym payment this month for pretty much the same amount as Oceanic + delivery. The universe smiled on colossalhorse today.


New album of symphonic atmo black from Sickle of Dust released yesterday, following last year’s fantastic To The Shores of Sunrise. Sweeping orchestral moments and high production values make this sound much larger than a one man outfit! Epic sounding stuff.

Did someone say grind?

From the death metal influenced end of grind this is excellent. Really good sounding album which is a full on assault but still has room for everything. Not heard of these before but really enjoyed the first couple of listens. Mixed by old Kurt Ballou so makes sense that it sounds so great!

but yeah, check it out!


Never got round to listening to these but i will make it happen!

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I’ve got a CD going spare if you like it! :rofl:

edit: wrong thread!

and now i am intrigued as to what the spare cd is!?

(thanks - i don’t really use cds anymore i’m a modern man (all vinyl :smiley: )

I just posted in the vinyl acquisitions thread about some vinyl that turned up today that I forgot I had ordered (the dangers of online ordering while a bit munted :grinning:) and now also have the CD!


:smiley: that’s me man.

It’s nice when you (don’t order it twice and) forget about the original order, then the post comes and it’s a genuine surprise as you unwrap!

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haha wow this is definitely heavy

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Oh man, terrible news about Joey jordison :pensive:. Rest in Peace


This is absolute filth.


This isn’t too new but not seen it mentioned on here, Patrick from Drug Church and Ian from Regional Justice Centre have a side project which is pretty great

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