Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2023

As I suspected Pupil Slicer weren’t for me, but what I will say is they have a drummer who looked totally blasé and never broke a sweat while playing some incredible drums. It was like he was in some zen state of consciousness.


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it came out yesterday. Another insta-purchase for me, the inclusion of saxophone, clarinet and trumpet on here sending this new clutch of post/blackgaze tracks into more different directions.


New 13 minute Blackbraid track!

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Ingrina are a French post metal band. 2 drummers, 3 guitarists and a love of long songs. This is good stuff so I’ll forgive my rule of not listening really long songs.*

*That last Tool album broke me. Get to the fucking point.

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Volume XV is upon us!

Track list:

  1. Absent In Body - Sarin
  2. Antrisch - I FESTGREFROREN: Packeisfalle
  3. Olde Throne - Cliffs of Culzean
  4. Woe Bather - Anxiety Fuels The Hermit’s Corpse
  5. Bonjour Tristesse - Nightbringer
  6. NONE - Rest
  7. Austere - A Ravenous Oblivion

New Gouge Away


Ahh, that’s great. Big fan of Gouge Away. ,Dies and Burnt Sugar are banging albums. Wildflowers, the final track on ,Dies, is so fucking good.

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I meant to add, once you’ve clawed your way out of the Void, it’s worth checking out Arkhtinn, similar aesthetic and track lengths but his earlier “demos” would often have a more ambient track alongside the heavier one.

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Nice! Will give them a go.

This is good

More bands have been announced for Core. festival in August in Glasgow:

Bought a Sunday ticket, hard to resist when it’s on my doorstep! Buzzing for Cloud Rat.


Cloud Rat were amazing when i saw them - very jealous! Dawn Ray’d were outstanding the other week also if you get chance for them.

Saturday with Celeste and Chat Pile looks good also

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Support announced for the London Chat Pile shows.


Bit annoyed Dawn Ray’d aren’t the Tuesday, oh well.

Have you heard sugar horse and tspsi? You’ll have a bloody good time, very jealous.

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No, where are good places to start?

Oh, you’re in for a treat.

So, for The St. Pierre Snake Invasion - go in with the new album I think:

I imagine that’s what they’ll be playing most of - it’s my current album of the year as well and as you know me and my music taste this should tell you a lot about it :smiley:

Also check out their second one, it’s a blast:

For Sugar Horse, I would say check out Drugs first:

This was the first song I heard from them and made me think “fuck, these guys rule”:

Their debut album is sick as well:

Enjoy! :smiley:


would also add that I’m not the biggest fan of Sugar Horse on record but they’re great live. for some reason the songs just have an extra dimension live, well worth a watch

has anyone caught MOL on their tour?

Saw them last night and they were brilliant, as expected, but the crowd seemed oddly flat? I don’t know if its because the singer is so energetic and a proper front man, which you don’t normally see at these shows.

£30 for a t shirt was a bit cheeky though