Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2023

They’ve only got one album before this which is pretty good, quite mathcorey

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All of these are going off a single listen so I’ll need to come back to those I thought were different in some way.

Enjoyed Monarch and the one in Greek writing although it was a bit too heavy for me that one so I forwarded it to my mate who’s a bit more into it.

Bce was decent but hard to really get into as I kept having work distractions and noise distractions which obviously isn’t great for a long slow builder like that.

@TKC liked the Horda album, yeah, although I wasn’t sure at the beginning. Will come back and see if it stands up to a second listen.

@LastAstronaut started in on your recs now. That Frozen Dawn album is a big old slab of metal fun and cheese but very much the good stuff. :smiley:


Playing the Brudenell which is tempting but no mention of doing Sunbather and I’ve not really rated any album since New Bermuda so I might give it a miss.

If it sways you, they are still great live and there are certainly a couple of good tracks on each record.

Though they are leaning on Great Mass of Colour, which he can’t really sing live… That said I love the record so it was still great to hear that tracks live.

Really dig that Great Cold Emptiness record.

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hmm, I think there was one track on OCHL that I thought was ok but in general it bored the pants off me. I’m afraid I barely made it through Infinite Granite as I found it so wallpaper I forgot who I was listening to half way through. I can see why they changed their direction to a more shoegaze, clean vocal style as they seemed to have reached an end point with their black metal influenced sound and obviously it works for a lot of folks but unfortunately it doesn’t for me :man_shrugging:

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is this some shooting stars themed metal…?


I found them proper hilarious last time i saw them also (in a bad way!)

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Ha, I thought that when I first heard of it (Eraanu!!), Indonesian I believe.

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“Debut album by High Peak based black metal artist Eowa. “The Year Without a Summer” explores the volcanic winter of 1816 caused by the eruption of Mt. Tambora - the deadliest volcanic eruption in recorded history.
The album takes you through a journey of destruction, pestilence, famine and civil unrest. A history lesson told through blackened melodies and cold riffage.”

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I know it’s from 2022 but just got around to listening to that Ashenspire album and thought it was pretty brilliant. I will need to listen more because I can’t tell if it’s genuinely THAT good…or it just has all the right touchstones to complete wonton bingo (Liturgy-esque metal, Godspeed instrumentals and an angry Scottish man singing about resisting encroaching fascism).


Sylvaine is doing Satans on 20th April, cant see any other shows though

got to a gig last night! first time this year. Wallowing + Underdark

really was impressed by Wallowing. Have thought they were good on record but live, despite the vocals being a bit lost in the music (take earplugs!) it jumps up another level. Really good spectacle too . they were all black with protective hats/veils and have a little light on them

is quite funny at the end when they take the headgear off for the first time and give a polite thanks.

Underdark were great, think they’re wildly underrated. Played a new song which sounds excellent and her vocals are as strong as on record. Good stuff all round

the sound guy also played a lot of Drug Church between sets so its a thumbs up from me


couldn’t agree more. Last record was outstanding and they really bring it live.

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Yeah shes a really captivating presence and the band are solid as

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Will get back to the recs above but my mate sent me

and I’m really enjoying it.


That was on my list to send you i just haven’t got round to it yet :smiley:

They released another LP simultaneously which is really good also - pretty sure you’ll enjoy it if you dig this

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Yeah, my mate sent me the other one too but I have a meeting in 20 mins to attend and a snack to make so I’ll save it for later.

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It’s only two tracks…

(but yes, they are 20 mins each :smiley: )

enjoy your snack!

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Reckon the two-track one is better but they’re both great.