Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2023

yeah that Empire State Bastard song is very average.

This is a lot better

they were great supportingLiturgy but I’ve not been too keen on the newer releases, will give the album a listen. Need a bit of a break after just playing Liturgys new 80 minute (!) one

holy shit.

enjoyable 80 minutes?! One of the best bands i saw last year and were easily the best when ratio’d against how much i enjoy their recorded output

Its good but it is quite samey. Think itd work well live but its not one I’m gonna revist much. Did enjoy them live last year too, saw them before in 2016 (? Probably not this but whenever the album before HAQQ was) and they were dreadful so theyve definitely stepped it up

Hi. Just using my yearly visit to the heavy music thread to say that Liturgy album is really good.

That’s all. Bye! See you when The Body release a new album or DEP reform or when I get round to any of the heavier stuff on my ‘to listen’ list.


Lot of rumours Puciato is gonna be in the new ETID

Ooooh, that is very interesting!

still sad how that all played out

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Got the new Dawn Ray’d on. I really want to like it/them, each component part is properly me, properly something I’d be a sucker for. And yet … They’re pretty adored in this thread, right?

Yeah the new stuff has left me cold. Not had the album on yet but I dunno, theres too much like its battle metal or something. Older stuff is good though and theyre good live

i haven’t heard the new album yet but i liked the earlier stuff also…

That one is great.

I’ve just finished listening to the record released today. It’s … Fine? I wouldn’t turn it off, but not sure I’d deliberately put it back on again. Probably the harshest thing I could say is that some of the clean vocal folky bits sounded almost like Frank Turner!

you motherfucker!!!

I’ll probably see how it translates live tomorrow then give it a listen to be honest.

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New Lamp of Murmuur sounding excellent, really like how he’s evolving his sound


Turns out Sargent House is run by cunts


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Fuck sake

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New EP from Spectral Lore. Four tracks, two black metal interspersed with two more ambient pieces.

“11 Days is both a music album (to be considered an EP) and a statement of protest against the policies of the European Union regarding refugees and migrants. All sales from the digital version and proceeds from later physical editions will be donated to pro-refugee organizations and causes.”

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looks like they’re doing a tour with dates in the UK also! tried to find more info but I only saw an Instagram advert that passed me faster than a piss in the wind

I think you may have seen an ad for Spectral Wound rather than Spectral Lore, they’re doing a small UK tour. Spectral Lore’s one guy, Ayloss, not sure he’s ever toured in that incarnation.

Was it this?