Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2023

Silly question…but how was it???

:smiley: They were bloody brilliant - Cormac was hilarious, kept going on about how they were playing songs from their “10th album, and it was all experimental acoustic stuff” then said “naa, here’s obviously a track from On The Turn.” They were so heavy, everyone was singing along, just a lovely atmosphere. Dummy Crusher was ace too, always forget how much it’s basically a rap-metal track in some respects (or the way Cormac delivers it).


What @shucks said. Saying that, I was in physio today because I hurt my ankle in the pit. :person_facepalming:

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Im so jealous of you and @UncleRetrospective ! (although not the ankle you silly person!!)

That sounds absolutely perfect - love the Cormac is so knowing about it. I will catch them again one day!

What a great band! Very much one for the saying…‘if you know, you know’

:heart_eyes: for sure though, they were ahead of their time!

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I very nearly caved and ordered it last night when I realised I didn’t have Mammal on CD like I thought I did, but the total of 103EUR made me back away. I now regret that as I had got to the “ah fuck it” point and it’s now sold out! (hope someone got an order in for your birthday in time!)

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Finally listening to the new Periphery album. Don’t really car edit the silly guitar solos, but Occasionally the instrumental transitions work. Would probably rather djent were a genre though

They were good but it was one of the least enjoyable gig experiences I’ve had in some time. Just a sold out venue which has a door fit enough for a single file (in and out). So cramped - I was as far away from the entry point as you can get and it was rammed. Could barely see the band. Didn’t help I was proper low on energy as well.

Pest Control sounded good but they seemed a bit lethargic in the perfomance too. A bit disappointing tbh.

Thought Charred Atlas were rubbish tbh and actually did a laugh when one song was introduced about being against Elon Musk

Wormrot sounded great - the touring singer (from Implore I think) is on point and they did a great show - from what I could see!

Ooooffff, cramped venues are very annoying. I have no idea who Charred Atlas are but will look them up. Really like Pest Control, that album is great - shame they weren’t on the best form, would like to see them.

Glad Wormrot were decent and the touring singer was good - really like Hiss from last year and Dirge they did about 10 years ago(?) I think? That was a blast. Really interesting band, would love to see them.

False - Rime on the Song of Returning - YouTube.

Just came on during my dogwalk and reminded me, fuck these were good. really think they could have gone on to something special. This album alone was exceptional. They ended abruptly due to a member (guitarist?) being rotter. Anyone know if the others have down owt since?

Fill those drinking horns with foaming ale, gather in the hallowed halls to hear epic tales! Burden of Ymir’s new album recounts the tale of Beowulf in what the bandcamp page describes as “Music for great deeds, great halls, great feasts!”

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I’m so in!

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Obzen remastered.

ObZen (2023, 15th Anniversary Remastered Edition)

Fave album of theirs. Sounds great. Just the heaviest shit ever. Rad.


this Lamp Of Murmuur album is hitting like later Immortal albums in a good way

Does the thought of a series of five albums, each consisting of two 20 minute tracks of huge walls of noise, blast beats, hypnotic synths, repetitive riffs and barely recognisable as human screams and wails buried under a chaotic swirling atmosphere of dread have you reaching for the off button? If so then maybe stop reading now, for everyone else, I give you Voidsphere!

Voidsphere are a part of the mysterious Prava Kollektiv along with Arkhtinn, Pharmakeia, Mahr and Hwwauoch, other than that little is known, Metal Archives lists their members as (none).

Starting with 2017’s To Call | To Speak, they released one album a year up until 2021’s superb To Overtake | To Overcome, each following the same aesthetic pattern, two tracks, each around the 20min mark, each entitled, in the case of the last album The Void Overtakes & The Void Overcomes.

As I type this I have The Void Exists coming in through my headphones pummelling me into submission, lovely stuff!

“Voidsphere is worship of the void. It is that, and only that. Voidsphere Pràva.”


Love the sound of this. Will dive in when I get a chance.


After a patchy ep, Sugar Horse are back on form.


Lost myself in the Void last night!


Ah, that’s really fucking good isn’t it? Might be one of their best songs I reckon.


Another month, another hour of new tunes! The Mire XIV is now available;


Gel’s new album is as ace as expected