Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2023

also this Vitriolic Sage might be up there for BM releases for me this year

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Quite fancy this


Ill be doing that

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Just got a ticket for Manchester :+1:

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Always up for a bit of Fen!

Who are ellende?

That cover + title + corpsepaint makes me think they will be brilliant


They are pretty good, I really need to revisit that album from last year actually

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How much was it? Seems rather early to be announced and on sale

much riffier than I expected

bit annoyed its good, didnt want more reason to regret missing them the other week



Played all five simultaneously. Sounded good.

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thought that was quite reasonable for three headline level bands personally :man_shrugging:

I’m not really sure Ellende or Fen are going to be doing headline nationwide tours on their own any time soon though!

I always thought Pantera were a bit shit but this song is unbelievably good


This is so good.

Blackened sludge, some of it is blastbeat fast, some of it is Neurosis heavy.

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tfw you want to be consumed by the infinite fire

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New Fire-Toolz yessss!

There’s something about them that satisfies/reconciles my need for cheese and extreme noise so thoroughly. Never even realised I needed that either!

Had not heard of this band before but really into them now. This track in particular - mamma mia: