Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2023

my fave off the newie


They’re excellent! That and the Zulu album have been constants this year

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This is like The Ephemeron Loop meeting Liturgy and jamming with the Super Mario 64 sound font, and I’m all in.

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Absolutely could not have put it better myself!

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This has satisfied my urge for something really greasy and riffy. It’s also Pay What You Wish. Cheers!

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Digging that GEL album a lot.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you mashed up Amenra with Dead Can Dance?

Now you don’t have too.

off to see Punitive Damage on Wednesday, pretty excited for that

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Witch Ripper

Hearing some old Mastodon, maybe some Kylesa in this. Pretty fun proggy sludge. The whole album is pretty decent

cheers for this also. absolute ripper!

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One of the bands from my youth who i do struggle with these days to be honest. The consistency of douchebaggery from Phil over the years really has soiled them. You’re right though, that track is a banger. 13 steps to nowhere is good off that also

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New Kvelertak. I wanted to like this more, feels a bit flat.

hasn’t everything since Meir been a bit flat?

I was probably in the minority that enjoyed Nattersferd. Splid had some good tracks, but to be honest, I haven’t been back to it since it came out.

Had the self titled on in the car few weeks ago, still fucking banging.

Still think their best song is Braune Brenn from Meir, unbelievably good that.

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Yeah that self titled still holds up proper good, never really got into them after that though

I don’t really like it when they go to “black metally” (not my thing at all) and Meir did that quite a bit on some tracks. Then Nattersferd went the other way, not quite heavy enough, then Splid I initially enjoyed, but then I had no desire to listen to it again after maybe 1 or 2 run throughs and just went back to the self titled, which had that perfect balance of metal, rock 'n roll, hardcore punk and the foxy lady bit. Dunno, think I’m a bit jaded because I was supposed to see them tour Splid 3 years ago but fucking Covid stopped that.


The build from 2.39 to the KVELERTAK! and release…oof, you’re not gonna find much more exhilirating bits in metal than that.

Seen em a couple of times, first time was supported by Trap Them and Toxic Holocaust. Got there about 7.30 and had missed those and Kvelertak were halfway through, that was annoying


Yeah that’s an all-timer that one, fucking love it. The way it just keeps on going, just beautiful. There used to be a great live vid of this with some guy on crutches crowd-surfing and playing air guitar with the crutch during the big guitar wig-out, but I can’t find it anymore.

I think my first time seeing them was at ULU in London, supporting Comeback Kid (with The Ghost Inside and Grave Maker - I remember going just to see Kvelertak, buying a t-shirt and then leaving almost immediately to go home. Spent longer travelling than actually watching the band :smiley:

Seen them loads of times though and they’ve always been brilliant.

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I was at that tour at Manchester Roadhouse and still have the t-shirt :smiley: It was actually The Secret and Wolves Like Us supporting along with Toxic Holocaust as Trap Them dropped out the tour, which i was massively gutted about at the time. Luckily I was able to catch them at the ill-fated Temples Festival in 2015 tho. Kvelertak were awesome that night of course

Haven’t listened to the new song yet, but from memory I think a lot of people liked Splid. I really liked it anyway and have been meaning to go back to it…


This is really fun. The drumming makes it. Amazing how much a great drummer can really make such a difference to a song.

Reminds me a bit of Elder, which is no bad thing.

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The bit in Blodtorst when the guitar riff simply can’t get any more massive but then they add a bit of one chord piano action into the mix is the greatest thing ever to happen in music and it’s not even close

Sadly when you start at the top the only way to go is down