Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2023

They’re still right! This is the problem with being forgetful! :person_facepalming:


They released another record just a year earlier, Tides Turn Eternal. I just about preferred that one, almost like Cocteau Twins at points. At other points … Very not like Cocteau Twins!

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that cover though, ugh!

Nice, I’ll check that too!

I’m afraid we’re all into hipster metal

Jesus. What an opinion!

Jesus, why are (some) metal fans such fucking bores.


New Chelsea Wolfe!

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I don’t even understand what the opinion is … I like Tomb Mold but know people who aren’t proper death metal fans do too so need to maintain a haughty distance? Or is it literally just Akercocke’s clothing schtick?

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Really hoped they had a profile photo so I could do a Strongest Metal Gatekeeper (them) Vs average hipster metal enjoyer:

But you’ll just have to imagine it.


Just gatekeeping isnt it , like when Deafheaven couldnt possibly be black metal cause one of them had glasses

SeeYouSpaceCowboy have a couple of new ones

this is great. crusty d-beat esque with dual vocals and a funky old breakdown. big big fan

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oh and Weekend Nachos are back


Saw that, big fan.

Worthless was one of my favourite albums of 2011, just relentless.

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Hahahaha, fucking hell, what an absolute weapon. I’m more likely to listen to a band if someone in it is wearing a fido dido tee to be honest.

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Been listening to their record a ton this week. So good.

An excellent addition to the lineup (and another clash to fret over).

Hopefully we get set times soon, they seemed to hint at it arriving soon?

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ugh what a pain, walking up and down a hill between sets is ridiculous


bands I wrote off at the time but actually have come round to:

From Autumn to Ashes

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Yep. It about as back and forth as they could have possibly made it, but no actually clashes for me.

Just hope the venues are ready for the influx / exodus.

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