Rolling heavy music thread 2024

Oh no, CANDY have done a Code Orange

Code orange is much worse than that. I know the new Candy is divisive but I dig it. Excited to hear the album as a whole. Not sure about the record scratches though.

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Pijn have finally announced their second album out june 28th, preorder up now

new song sounds nice


Have just ordered. The new tracks sounded amazing on their tour earlier this year.


Are Hey Colossus heavy? I think they are.



They’re not as heavy as they used to be but Hot Grave alone should grant them a lifetime pass for this thread imo


Still one of the loudest bands i have ever seen on multiple occasions and yep, very much heavy!

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These guys are consistently great. New Civil Elegies out today.

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You fucking WHAT

Me in 2003 would be all over this. Hell, me in 2024 loves it as well.

Ah I’m not actually around, but this feels like a massive get for the New Cross Inn?!

I wonder how big PTW actually are, think them going away has done well for them. Only one of two bands I ever sae have to do a smaller room at Cockpit

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Supporting Ashenspire tonight.

So I see, you going to that? I have to admit I’ve never heard of Ashenspire

Everybody should be go to see Ashenspire imo, one of the best we have right now. Their shows are a riot. Sax player in hot pants, what more do you want?


I’m going and I hadn’t heard of Ashenspire until I saw the gig listing.

They sound like the band I spent about six years trying to form in Newcastle.


I must admit that I didn’t expect Satan’s Hollow to still be open.

Been listening to them this afternoon and now wishing I was going but can’t make it. I reckon it’ll be great so have a blast!

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big fan

internet at home fucked up halfway through trying to get tickets for this. Thankfully a friend managed to get two, so looks like I’m going!

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