Rolling hivemind Christmas gift suggestion thread


Guys I need to get gin for someone. Expensive gin. There are like a billion brands. What do i fucking get?

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Lynx Africa giftbox for everyone.


Big fan of the East London batch 2 stuff, it’s won awards if that’s your hing? Maybe get some local to you though, always a nice gift innit.


i mean actually this is brilliant. the receiver is american so to them that IS my local gin


Half a head of lettuce


what do you do with the other half?






alright mate i was only asking


I know you’ve made your choice but this stuff is good.


nono this is all good knowledge and looks v cool. the person i’m getting it for is the richest person i think i will ever meet on earth, and therefore i need to get him something not that he can’t buy, but that is niche enough for him not to know about it


Very good! They’re a new distillery but are making good stuff. Irish gin is very much still a novelty too!



yesssss. it’s so ace that there’s so much of this kind of stuff hidden all over the british isles. no way he’ll know any of these (maybe the first one)




can’t bring myself to ever give vouchers


That’s a lovely gin and a cool bottle, nice over ice with just a wee squeeze of fresh lime


This is quite niche (cheaper off amazon though)-


Also, Americans go nuts for Irish stuff. Was in the offie before practice last night and a group of Americans were in. One lad bought two bottles of that gin and then went back to buy a €120 bottle of whiskey after that. Spent at least €200 in three minutes.


I have no idea if, as well as looking like meths it also tastes like meths (so to speak) but doesn’t this look just super-

Basically you can’t go wrong with master of malt for some different ideas for stuff that rich yankies will lap up.