💧 Rolling humidity read out thread 💧

According to my dehumidifier (she’s called petra) its currently 56% humidity in the flat.

Will i ever get it as low as 40? Stay tuned! :eyes:

Please post as often as you like, cant get enough of knowing humidity levels

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Is Sean using his hard earned PROF$ to pay for shares in Meaco?


I like the use of a Jordanian historical site as the name for a dehumidifier. Very good.

Was reading about 60 earlier, but there’s loads of washing around atm.

Currently in Stirling. Pretty bloody humid judging by the weather outside.

58 8/11/22, 20:05

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84% apparently.

71% according to the whatsit in my youngest’s room - don’t think it gets lower than 55 we live in a creaky old mid terrace in a ridiculously wet place.

no idea what this means



Oh I can play this game now! Thanks to @colon_closed_bracket and @Funkhouser ’s advice in my mould thread

That’s the lowest I’ve seen it since it arrived on Monday


Nice to know who has you on mute I suppose


(Safetywink obviously. I’m just pleased we have a dehumidifier crew going on. 5ytmrs and counting for me.)


I don’t really know what humidity is

I have a dehumidifier and as far as I’m concerned it makes water from nowhere out of magic

58% atm


66% in the house, 73% outside. It’s been raining like an absolute bastard for days and being in Kent is not unlike being at the bottom of the ocean, dampness- wise so I’ll take that.

I don’t think I can take the credit for the dehumidifier! But I’m glad you got it sorted

Apparently it’s 81% outside here right now. No idea what it’s like inside as I have no way of measuring it, but 81, that’s pretty high!

Rich out here casually inventing a new time system

Yeah, no idea about that

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