🎁 Rolling "I need present ideas" thread 🎁

I’ll start:

It’s my mum’s 60th in a week. I have zero ideas. She’s recently retired and when I asked what she was going to do with her retirement she said “get the house really clean, maybe read, do some knitting.”


Please, please help me.

Some other things about her:

doesn’t drink
hates cooking
does like designy bits (but not “modern” art)
quite likes coming to London to visit us?

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Mushroom log.

My mum’s partner, 61, twat.

Formula one (do not buy me any one formula one stuff)

Nothing else

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Afternoon tea for two at The Ritz?

Can’t drink tea or coffee :expressionless: (so I feel like something like that would be nearly totally wasted on her)

does she like shows/plays/music/opera? feel like you could take her out, or get tickets for a nice night out for your mum and dad?

Yeah. This is becoming one of the only options I reckon :expressionless:

Have you used up all the ideas we’ve given you in previous years?


A microwave cookbook?

One of those drink wine and paint a picture things


(genuinely can’t find any previous ides anyone’s given me)

A roomba?

One of those driving red letter days

I did ask her if she’d like one but she said something about them not getting in corners of the room so what’s the point

Budget < £20. Could put £20 in my car and let him have a drive for a few hours.

A car air freshner?

Big bottle o’ bleach.


A kindle?

Might as well give him one of the company branded beaded seat covers then.

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