Rolling- interesting free stuff to do online while stuck at home

The place for links to courses, film showings, music performances etc

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Try to beat Beth Harmon at chess

Free online showing of films from the former USSR. A different one every week. This week, the Colour of Pomegranates (an absolute classic)


Pub quiz at 7pm, Monday-Saturday. Free but kick them some cash if you enjoy them and can because it is their livelihood. (twitch links embed so horribly here)

Couple of sites that do (ticketed, not free but :man_shrugging:) online gigs, mostly on US time but usually with a decent playback window

Some Cookie Clicker is good for passing the time



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Oh god, I’ve started playing it again.

What have I done :sob:

He is an evil man, and knows exactly what he’s doing. Probably in the pocket of Big Cookie Click too.

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Appropriate punishment- you will have to eat every meal for the rest of your life from Febo. (If you leave the Netherlands, they will post it to you)


Deserved tbf

The stuff they post will be the selection left when they clean out the boxes at 5am.

They clean out those boxes!?

Sometimes they have to replace one semi-congealed deep fried item with another, more recently grease-soaked edition.

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Japan House’s exhibition, ‘Architecture for Dogs’ is closed, obviously, so they’ve made a virtual tour instead

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This isn’t free sorry (unless you are already a member of the Design Museum) but I’m gonna put it here for anyone who might be interested anyway.

There is a virtual tour on the website.


It’s free for me, because I got a virtual pass as a Christmas present!

Nice! I went to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition in 2019, it was really well put together so I’m sure this one will be as well.

Free online courses from The Shaw Academy and offer free courses all of the time but typically charge for the certificate.

The Pure Gym app is free at the moment and has lots of workout classes:

Talk to my friends on drownedinsound dot com


Website that finds an item from the Science Museum’s online catalogue that no-one else has looked at online yet