Rolling international club football 18/19 thread

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This is the place to talk all things international club football, be it La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS, A-league or whatever, all are welcome.

Yesterday the 3. Liga kicked off with Kaiserslautern vs 1860 München where 40,000+ people attended! Granted it’s a bit of an anomaly with two big teams who aren’t too far from each other, but man that’s pretty unreal (1.FKC won 1-0 FYI)

Any big predos for your leagues of interest? Keen to see if RB Leipzig can build on their fairly inpressive season and give Bayern a proper run

Interested in how Eleven Sports does with La Liga and to a lesser extent Serie A.

Spanish football has always been synonymous with Sky’s coverage and commentary teams. Will feel kind of wrong with anyone else… hopefully they’ll manage to get some of the same people.

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Be quite interesting to see how Napoli get on under Carlo, Real post-Ronaldo, and to a lesser extent how Sporting recover from their sort of civil war with their now departed president.

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how much difference are we expecting Ronaldo to make to Juve domestically if any?

they’ve not exactly been struggling in recent years, so i’d assume he’ll be trying to score as many as possible which might piss off his teammates if he’s being wasteful

(champions league chat in another thread thus my question being about their domestic season)

haven’t really paid a huge amount of attention to this - does it mean that La Liga and Serie A are on yet another subscription? cos I like watching the odd Spanish or Italian football match but I’m not going to pay extra just for that

they haven’t announced the pricing but will be available to stream so fingers crossed reasonably priced and reliable

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Yeah. Sky lost the La Liga rights and BT lost Serie A.

Really annoying because now there’s so much to shell out for. Have to pay for Sky, BT and Eleven if you want to watch a range of mainstream, top-level football (and Amazon for a few more PL games). A completely ridiculous, hopefully untenable, state of affairs

In hindsight, I wish BT got the rights for Spanish football when they were battling for them a couple of years back. Nothing better than the European Football Show they used to do and it would’ve been even better if they had the full set.

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I’ve moved from sky to bt this summer. What do I get.

Some (less) PL

FA cup games that aren’t on BBC

Scotland except old firm and maybe one of the cups?

So Bundesliga is the only real other league they have? German cups too?

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Pretty much, yes DFB Pokal, some Bundesliga 2. too

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Cool. Fortuna got promoted so will try to follow it properly this year

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Will be interested to see how they get on, but fear they might struggle.

I really hope the 2. can be entertaining despite having Köln and HSV in it. Would be amazing if the latter fall further and St Pauli get a cheeky win off them.

Anyone got suggestions on a good league to watch outside of England? And a team or two that would be interesting to keep an eye on? Asking this at a very basic level; so feel free to say Serie A and watch Napoli, or something that seems really obvious to you.

I’d say it depends what you’re after and what your options are…

In the UK we get some Portuguese TV games for free for example… you have owt like that or do you have access to everything?

Yeah Serie A should be the league to watch next season. I don’t expect Napoli to be as watchable post-Sarri but Roma and Inter should be interesting going forward.

La Liga might be interesting with Barca and Madrid having underwhelming summers and Atletico doing really good business. On paper their best chance to win it. And, as always, Messi.

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I’d be downloading, so access to most of the European leagues.

Just looking for interesting #narrative, competitive league or teams playing good/interesting football, if that makes sense? So by analogy in England I’d say 'watch City because they’re playing great football, likewise Spurs and Liverpool - and with ‘Pool you’ve got the question of can a once-great team come back and win the title?’.

Edit that @nestor’s answer is exactly the sort of response I was hoping for (#FM teamtalk response).

Ah ok, so time zones etc don’t matter :slight_smile:

As Nestor says the Italian league is probably the other most interesting imo as Bayern’s strangle hold on German football will continue.

That said the red bull Leipzig project is interesting and somewhat controversial and be good to see if they maintain relative success.