Rolling international club football 18/19 thread


Yeah, agree on all points. Might have to leave PSG to be recognised as the best in the world though


personally, in terms of who I’d prefer to be on my team, Mbappe comes above Messi.

haven’t seen a player as exciting as him since Ronaldo/Messi, probably.


He’ll go to Real with a big-name manager next summer, surely? Doubt they’d have gone for Lopetegui had they been able to secure a big-name replacement for Ronaldo. Him as a sort of placeholder coach followed by a £400m splodge i’d have thought.


So easy on the eye too. Will be great at Real.


Eredivisie week 8

Ajax continued their excellent run and destroyed AZ in a 5 - 0 goalfest at home. Losing manager John van den Brom described his team’s performance as stupid and child-like. Ajax had such an easy day that they allowed 18 year old centreback Perr Schuurs to make his league debut.

Elsewhere PSV have no problems with VVV (4 - 0) but Feyenoord dropped points against Willem II as they could only manage a measly 1 - 1 draw. This means that Ajax now have a 2 point buffer in second place, but they are still chasing PSV who are 5 points ahead.

Next up is the international break with Holland playing Germany (on Saturday) and Belgium (on Tuesday 16th). The Eredivisie is back in action on 20 October when Ajax are away at Heerenveen.


what a name


(Almost posted this in the nobheads thread!)

I think it’s a bit of a nonsense to just give the Ballon d’Or to the most talented player. It has to be based on level of performance and achievements across domestic club football, continental club football and major international tournaments when applicable.

No player ticks the boxes for all three. Modrič and Varane were amongst the better players at the World Cup and won the European Cup. Messi scored 45 goals. Had he scored 90 my opinion would be the same.

Obviously we all think individual awards in team sports are stupid, but it’s at least partially interesting if we work back from which teams achieved the most and who their standout players were, rather than awarding based purely on natural talent or entertainment value.


I get the need for some sort of team accomplishments but not sure why that’s limited to 2 knockout competitions. Barca won a domestic double in Europe’s best league, it was hardly a fallow year


Guess it’s an issue whenever the champions league is won by a team who aren’t the standout team in their own league, and personal preference as to whether turning it on in biggest games trumps consistent excellence


We can’t pick and choose when domestic cups are relevant.

Also, even on an individual level the two players i’ve nominated were immense.


Varane is a worthy shout. Think Modric has dropped a level since the last few years where he was incredible, but was the best player at the world cup. Ramos was probably real’s most important player in their champions league run but then had a pretty minging World Cup. Just don’t think anyone has a year, as a body of work, that gets near young lionel


Gutted. His Serie A comms were legendary.


Damn. :frowning:


Was just about to post about this.

Just hearing his voice takes me back to Sunday afternoons, and watching the most exciting players in the world play football.

I also didn’t realise that he did the voice of Jimmy Greaves for Spitting Image as well:


Always loved him and Tony Gubba (also sadly no longer with us).

Motson, Tyler, Tyldesley, etc, didn’t get close for me.


Ramsey’s out for tomorrow’s Nations Cup game against the Republic (his wife’s expecting). No Bale, either. Given I can’t see Ireland being anywhere near as atrocious as the first game, I think they will probably win now.


Modric to win in a very strange balloon door equivalent of Giggseh winning sports personality of the year that time?


Best fans in teh world


FAO: adybongo.

Lowdown on Frenkie de Jong, please?

Reckon he’ll go to Barça for silly money, but looks a bit Jorginho-y.

Especially interested in any off-the-pitch stuff like weird hobbies, strange businesses, or instances of deviance.

  • born in the Dutch Bible Belt
  • comes from a family of die-hard Feyenoord fans
  • doesn’t drink alcohol
  • buys his clothes from H&M
  • his girlfriend is a top level hockey player
  • they met attending the same school
  • her parents support PSV
  • the couple live in Amsterdam near the Olympic Stadium
  • they spent their summer holidays in Greece

His contract expires next summer. Expect Ajax to sell him during the January window so they can maximise the transfer fee in a bidding war. Any of the big teams in Europe will want to buy him.