Rolling jazz chat


this is glorious man. nice one


I saw Jimmy Smith play once, and even though he had one arm in plaster and could obvs only play with one hand + the foot pedals, I really didn’t notice the difference. Might have been a few beers on though…


Lovely work with this thread guys.

Been enjoying Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady …the last week or so


man oh man! I looooooooooooooooove this album. so fucking moody innit

probably his best work, imo

'kin love Mingus man


I’ve never given Mingus much time. What album of his should I listen to next?


man. you’ve got some fun times ahead!

can’t pick one, so here are my personal favourites:

Mingus Mingus Mingus
Blues and Roots
The Clown
Charles Mingus Presents
Mingus Ah Um (should be in every jazz cats collection)
Tijuana Moods
Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy

all of these range from a solid 8/10 to absolute perfection/10

if you’re totally overwhelmed by the above, start with Mingus Ah Um.

nice one man


Second bird’s suggestion of Mingus Ah Um. Oh Yeah is a good album too.

But if you really want his most important work


@bird @Pale-eyedBadger


@bird @Ruffers @Gert Great suggestions chaps! Starting with Mingus Ah Um and following that with Mingus plays piano. :+1:


Just found this, currently about 15 minutes in - audio from a gig that I foolishly skipped recently but at least this is the next best thing - Shabaka Hutchings, Seb Rochford and Neil Charles improvising for an hour.

Apparently Seb has shaved his head, which must look a bit weird. Anyway, I love this kind of thing.


sunday + jazz = sunday jazz


Not normally one for this sort of more fusion-y thing, but that Snarky Puppy live record is great.

GREAT drummer in this record. Love a good drummer-percussionist combo.


awesome, awesome Monk jazz standard. Rollins absolutely kills it throughout. add JJ Johnson, Horace Silver, Paul Chambers and Art Blakey to the mix, and well…here is the result. sublime


I fucking :heart_eyes: Sonny Rollins so much. Blue 7 makes me weak at the knees.


New The Comet is Coming single:


Finally listened to my first bit of Sonny Rollins today (Saxophone Colossus, on the recommendation of this thread) and I was definitely not disappointed. Yet another artist to add to the endless number of artists to delve deeper into.
Got to love this whole Jazz thing.


Also considering my newfound love of Rollins and the events of the recent days, this seems pretty relevant



Really enjoying Henry Threadgill at the moment - so much to dive into…and it’s so varied and strange.


Now onto Clifford Brown. Absolutely unbeatable tone. Beaut.