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the necks doing what they do, getting intensely in the zone. great live band


Rest in Peace former Weather Report bassist Victor Bailey. Only 56,


I’ve started working my way through the Penguin Guide core collection - there are a tonne of records on there that I haven’t heard.

It’s also reminding me of a lot of great records that I hadn’t listened to for ages. This morning has been Ahmad Jamal at the Pershing. That man doesn’t waste a note.


Oh bloody hell. Everything from this concert was madness but this really stands out.


Oscar Peterson :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Went to see Mammal Hands last night, were decent but a bit polite - about 30 mins in before a good sax solo, then another 15 before they briefly let fly as a group. Did get a bit more lively towards the end of the set. Not bad though, promising.

Couple of new names to me found during London Jazz Fest:

Loran Donin - double bass player who did a duo set with singer Ranjana Gatack. Really energetic, melodic style.

Daniel Herskedal - tuba & trumpet player, had a contact mike on his throat like Stetson does, his trio were awesome from the bit that I saw.

Need to investigate these two in more depth.

Any new findings, @Gert ?


Also saw Mammal Hands, supporting Christian Scott. Thought they were pretty hypnotic - to the point where I couldn’t stop daydreaming - but Scott’s band kind of blew them away. The flautist in particular was incredible, and it was glorious when they’d have sax, flute and trumpet all playing a theme.

But my real highlight was Donny McCaslin. Such an incredible gig. the rhythm section had a kind of laser beam focus, like you can hear on Blackstar, which then allowed Donny (who as a fun bonus looks a bit like a T. rex when playing) to alternate between nervy staccato runs and soaring euphoric bits. They did Lazarus and some other covers and it was clear they were playing it as a kind of tribute to Bowie, looked like Donny was gonna cry at one point. The fourth member of the band was a synth/keys guy who gave the whole thing a fusion edge. His solo bits were great interludes between the power of the full band, and also he led them all into some funky 70s business at some points which was great.

Didn’t make any brand new discoveries really as I didn’t go to any free stuff -except stumbled on some sort of big band in Royal Festival Hall, which had the baldy Seb Roachford on drums. They were pretty swinging but didn’t catch the name.

Also really enjoyed the film I saw, The Jazz Loft - worth checking out if you get a chance


The tuba contact mic sounds good, I’ll check that out


Oh I was also at the big band one in the Clore Ballroom, it was Mark Lockheart (Polar Bear) + pals with Trinity Laban students, I enjoyed that.

They were performing as Shapeshifter Ensemble I think. I really like Liam Noble who was on piano, his normal style is really intense and knotty, like he’s fighting the keyboard to get the sounds out, although at this gig his playing was more fluid I thought.

Didn’t get too clear a view of baldy Seb tucked in at the back, shame to see that giant 'fro gone!


Fusion cats?

so much power wielded by Mclaughlin and co!


Went to see Sun Ra’s Arkestra last night, was incredible. Marshall Allen is still killing it at the age of 92, i’m sure his solos don’t have the raw power they used to but his tone and lyricism is so pure.

The set had bluesy big band swing feel, almost dixielandish in places with a mix of melodic and squalling solos and Ra’s trademark astral chants. Definitely go and check them out if you get the chance. Music for the head, heart and feet.


Yes! Seen them a couple of times and always great. Last year they headlined Lunar festival and then led the parade (still jamming) and the maestro Allen lit the giant fire. Love the balance they strike between trad and cosmic stuff, makes for such a fun gig.


Daniel Herskedal is ace, he made a brilliant record called Neck of the Woods with Marius Neset who is a properly incredible saxophonist with some great records under his belt too - check out this live recording of Birds.


I saw them a while ago at the RFH with MC5 and they were amazing. Ended with Space is the Place and did a really long procession found the whole hall. Awesome.


waaaaaaa absolutely love this


Yeah, it’s awesome! The bit where they drop out of the solo back into the head is just insane. It’s the title track off an album full of some of most beautifully composed and played music I have ever heard.


Yeah it’s a great album, amazing rhythm section as well. Got really obsessed with Yatra by Ivo Neame a while back - such a tasty record.


Haven’t heard it but will be checking it out asap.


The first Mahavishnu Orchestra LP is great also.

Also, Return to Forever - No Mystery. Amazing LP. Everyone is on such good form.

Great thread


Cheers for the tip, will check it. I know MN a little, will give it a pop